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    Woman politicians are surely coming to the forefront

    India is the land of Rani Lakshmi Bai and Indira Gandhi. So, we should not be astonished that like every other field, in the complex political arena of the country, woman political players are coing to the forefront. Some of them are:-

    (a) Smriti Irani, (b) Nirmala Sethuraman (c) Maneka Gandhi (d) Harsimran Badal (e) Basundhara Raje (f) Anandiben Patel, (g) Rabri Devi, (h) Mayabati (i) Dimple Yadav and Aparna Yadav (j) Sonia Gandhi,
    (k) Late Jayalalithaa (l) Sasikala, (m) Kanimojhi (n) Mamata Banerjee (o) Mehbooba Mufti (p) Pankaja Munde, and many others.

    Now I am curious to know which woman political leader(s) is/are the most impressive and has the abiity to carry people with her/them. I would like to know the personal opinion of the Members in this regard. Which woman political leader impresses them most due to her personality, popularity, education and overall bearing. I request Members to give their detailed opinion.
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    As far a my memory goes and full understanding of the politics up to date, I credit the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as the Iron lady of India and she was having total control over the party and the government. During her tenure the Congressman never had to guts to speak against her or the party not there was any dissent. One thing I would like to mention here that she would have all the details of trouble makers and corner them when they seek favors from her. During her tenure the Telangana agitation was first started by Marri Chenna Reddy and that was ably and deftly handled by her when she offered the cabinet post to him. When we take other women leaders across the country, they are either controlled by their husband or they had some sort of control over the party but not on the lines of Indira Gandhi.
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    After the iron lady of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi, I would name Ms. Jayalalitha who was the steel lady of India from Tamilnadu. She had her own charisma, education, knowledge and intelligence. She proved herself an able adminstrator. Alas! she was betrayed by her loyal girl friend VKS and her family. Yet, her niece Deepa Jayakumar is coming up to replace her aunt Jayalalitha's position.
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    Still emerging woman politician count is much less than men. Since we have reservation for women in parliament and in all government sector. They have comparable rights but only few of them are dared to accept challenges and talk in public. Like BJP has Smriti Irani and Sushma Swaraj who came from non political background and emerged. Party and husband influence present on those women who are in position because of them. They don't dare to talk in public because of no experience of public speaking. With that said there is still need for making women reservation 50% in all sector so more women can get jobs and come out from tag of housewife or not working.
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    Today women are coming out of their household images to external world and participating in various forums and social organizations. Some of them are highly qualified and have joined in big organizations and contributing their at par with men.
    This change in society is very obvious and in coming times the proportion of women in work force is going to increase in leaps and bounds.
    Politics is not an exception and women are showing their excellence there also. There was a time when it was thought that politics is the monopoly of men. Now it is not so. Women are taking full control of their political positions and they feel fully responsible for their actions. If a particular situation demands they can be as shrewd and as rough as men.
    Right from Indira Gandhi to Jay lalita they all have shown their acumenship during their tenure.
    Slowly more women are joining the wagon and there is no doubt that in coming times they will be in a good percentage even in parliament.

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    Partha Sir, undoubtedly it is Iron lady.. Late Smt. Indira Gandhi. With her dynamic leadership qualities, she could achieve the things in whatever passion she wanted irrespective of the fact whether it is positive or negative to the Public. Next to name, certainly it is Late Ms. Jayalalithaa, who has left her charisma in the history of Tamil Nadu. If we come to the living legends, I will name Ms. Mamata for her able leadership and strategic play in throwing out the red flaggers and owning the bengal fort.

    Further I cant see the women leader of such kind in our nation, though we got a big list. Let us expect some more leaders with such charisma in future politics of our nation.

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    Mr. GeeKay: Definitely Indira Gandhi is No. 1 among women politicians of India. But who is No. 2? Any contemporary woman politician?
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    Partha Sir, I don't find rather we all don't find the second slot for women politician at national level after Indira Gandhi.

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