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    Thank God! This year, public display of affection was less in Delhi

    Yesterday was St. Valentine's Day, which is popularly celebrated as 'Lovers' Day'. Since 2000, the public display of affection had been increasing year after year. In every major cities in India, we had been witnessing similar display. We, the so-called 'old people', used to feel awkward. However, yesterday I noted a subtle change in behavious among love-birds in Delhi. Public display of affection was much less. The absentee percentage among young men and women in office came down. The price of red roses did not increase much. I felt really good. Most probably, the continuous campaign against St. Valentine's Day has started working. At least, the awkward display of affection has come down.

    I would request other Members to share their experience in respect of their cities in this regard.
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    For those who don't mind what others do for themselves, any year was like that. There are many things happening aroud us. We do not bother about most of them. We are passive and inactive even when our action and reaction are needed. Say for example, a man bleeding after being knocked down by a speeding vehicle needs our immediate action and reaction. But most of us simply walk away as if we have not seen anything. A few are like voyeurists who enjoy that and take even take picture with their smartphones.

    So why should we bother about people indulging in their own private intimacy? I am simply not bothered. If any one wants such display in public to be less sincerely, the only way is to ignore and mind our own business without losing even a moment.

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    If public affection is displayed in restaurant, bus-stop, mall, metro station, public transport and park, very few can manage without noticing it. Thankfully, this year it was much less in Delhi.
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    I have no issues with the public display of affection or so. I think most of the youth have realized that what they do upto college graduation level does not mean that will remain till their life. And this is a phase. I have seen a lot of sales increase this year in shops though. Like mcdonalds, dominos they had definitely the best sales of the year. And mostly the food and the malls have gained from this commercialized holiday. It could be that this holiday being made up by corporate, people didn't realized how much it impacted pocket. For the rest of the normal people, it was yet another day. Nothing special.

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    There is no restriction to express love and affection in a closed room daily and that is the need of any lover too. What has been going on all these years that the lovers in guise of Valentine day stoop to the level of public display of their pleasure ways and really annoys others and that can also be treated as distracting act, So the moral policing has been increased over the years as any male or female spotted in compromising position in public places are made to marry at once and that was really a shocker for those who are still in love making. Hence fearing all this the love birds prefer to be in hide out and not in public.
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