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    Why Do Slums in India Inevitably Accompany The Urban Growth?

    Urban expansion in India is very much accompanied with the slum-dwellings. Slums in India grow as rapidly as the urban grows. On one hand the urban society lives a highly modern lifestyle while on the other hand the slum-dwellers are deprived of modernization. What could be the basic reason for such a pathetic condition of the slum-dwellers? Is it a mismanagement in the urban planning? Or is the slum population dwells along side the urban population to meet / provide the basic facilities to the urban population? Why do these slums inevitably grow along with the urban growth in India?

    Please share your views / opinions on the topic.
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    The answer lies in part of your question – the slum population exists because the urban population cannot exist without it.

    People flock to cities for better opportunities. Cities do offer opportunities but not of the scale that can create equality in terms of housing and other amenities. People who move into cities without formal education or money often end up making a living doing small, menial jobs. They need a roof over their heads and a place to call home, which is how these hutments crop up.

    You will be surprised to note that slum dwellings are as much a part of the realty business, as posh housing. Shanties are let out at a hefty fee, with a handsome deposit. It is a flourishing business in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Hutments in some areas sell at unbelievable prices that can shoot up to 7 figures. There was an interesting documentary on this subject on television. You can perhaps Google to find more information.

    Some slums dwellers live in a deplorable state, while there are others who have every possible amenity within a 10'x10' shack.

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    The author made the great observation through this post and it is the fact that there is a Garib Nagar beside a Ameerpet. In Hyderabad I can show you places where in beside a big posh affluent colony, there is a big slum existing. For example Beside Himayath Nagar posh area , there is a Domalguda slum, Beside Gandhi Nagar and Ashok nagar posh area, there is Vambay slum. In Secunderabad beside Maredpally there is Addagutta slum. The reason for this co existence is that the rich wants the help of the poor like drivers, maid servant and other workers which are catered from these slums. Now the situation is getting slowly changed after TRS government took over here. All the huts in slums are being cleared and in that place double bedroom flats are going to be constructed and in some places already the new homes have been given to the beneficiaries.
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    Since the dawn of civilisation, people have started coming from jungle to village and then from village to town in search of livelihood and better opportunity. In town, there is limited space but more opportunity. So, when a family reaches a town in search of opportunity, it is forced to stay in a limited space. In town, lower income group people can stay at low cost only in a slum. With the passage of time and betterment of financial condition, people leave slum and get better accommodation. It is a continuous journey.
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