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    Do you get motivated to do something by listening to motivational speeches

    We listen to many motivational speeches and read many motivational books. Most of us even love to read and listen to something motivational. There are many books on how a person went through ups and downs and how he overcame all the struggles to be successful, there are movies based on successful people and their hard and tough work. Do you just enjoy reading such books, listening to motivational speeches and watching movies? Or do you really get inspired and motivated to do something productive in life and have you tried something new out of motivation?
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    I am of firm opinion that motivation comes from within. Even if we feel inspired or get motivated by hearing motivational speech, such inspiration or motivation is temporary. The motivation which comes from within, always remains with us.
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    What I mean that we are our own judge and we know your inner talent and ideas. If we get lost due to sudden change in our expectations which not turned to our favor , we may loose interest and even disintegrate our thoughts. Soon we can over come the loss or the set back by convincing ourselves that nothing is permanent in this world. That means when happiness cannot stay with us, the trying times also elapses sooner or later. With this great hope we can always march ahead irrespective of the out come or the results. Self confidence is more important than the motivational speech.
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    I don't know. I believe in actions rather than words. Even I can give an hour long speech about motivation, but have I achieved anything real?
    Real people fail to motivate me. So I rely on some movies and Japanese animated cartoons called anime, they keep me motivated.
    Moreover, there is no need for motivation when there is self pride and immense confidence.
    Also I accredit the character I received to all those books I read.

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