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    Is it OK to introduce a daughter to MakeUp at a very tender age

    Every mother wants her daughter to look very pretty and she dresses her daughter accroding to her taste. A minimal makeup like a light cream and powder is ok to apply for a daughter. But is it necessary to use all heavy makeup's like lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow etc on a small girl? Because I see so many small girls crying to step out of their house without lipstick, nailpolish and many things. I personally know a relative of mine whose daughter who is just 3 years old wants to change her nailpaint everyday. If one day she wants a matching color, the next day she will ask for multi color.
    Is it good for parents to show makeup items to their daughter and do a make up in front of them? Doesn't that spoil the child's skin and lips?
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    Having a daughter is the great presence in any home and every mother would surely and definitely want to see her daughter the most beautiful girl in the society and she would go one extra step to fulfill all her wants in this regard. Until the daughter finishes the school studies , the style statement sought by her wont be bothersome because her school uniform would be preventing her to seek more style. Once she goes to Intermediate where in only civil dress is worn, her immediate demand would be good dresses. Next she would certainly demand minimum make up accessories. But I have seen some mothers are obliging their girls for a beauty parlor make up on festive occasions and important occasions. Even when the shopping is done, the mother is giving the chance of choosing make up things to the girl child why because she is the only child and let her enjoy.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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