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    14th February- Valentine’s Day and Martyrs’ day. Can we celebrate both in a common manner? How?

    A 10 years boy is running very fast towards a roadside flower vendor. While reaching his destination, he stops a while till he breathes normally.

    Boy: (to the flower vendor) Uncle ,Uncle give one Red Rose.

    Flower Vendor: Oh, sorry child. No Red Flower available. Any other color you need I can give you.

    Boy: (thinking) Uncle one minute, I will ask mom and will come back.

    After then number of girls & boys visited this seller and asked for one Red Rose, Two Red Roses/Yellow Roses and so on.
    Flower seller's Father (is about 75 years old), who accompanied him was listening and watching all these purchase-sale of Red Roses.

    Flower seller : Bapuji.. you just sit here. I will come back after half an hour.

    Bapuji: OK. Don't take much time. I am not well conversant with this money matters.

    Flower seller: Bapuji .. Today all need only Roses. You simply take Rs.30 and give one rose. Take Rs.50 for two roses..

    Bapuji: (broadened his eyes) Whaat ? 30 Rupees & one Rose !! You are mistaken son..

    Flower Seller: No.Bapuji, I am not mistaken.. Bapuji.. you simply do what I said. When purchasers are not bothering about the cost, then why should we? Today, Money is not a matter for them. They need only Roses at any cost. Therefore, you don't worry.

    Bapuji: Today.. Why?

    Flower seller : Bapuji.. you don't understand . I am in a hurry.
    (Flower seller went away with one Red Rose.Bapuji has got a number of questions in his mind.What all these? ) Mean time the little boy came back.

    Boy: (to Bapuji) Dada.. Where is uncle?

    Bapuji : He went somewhere with a Red Rose in his hand.

    Boy: Wah Uncle also went to celebrate Valentine day!

    Bapuji: What? Valentaine Day? What is this?

    Boy: Oh Dada You don't'know Valentine day !

    Bapuji: Really, I don't know !

    Boy: I also don't know Dada. But my Mom, Dad & sister used to go outside hotels, Restaurants to celebrate and come back late at night every year.
    (Bapuji Asked to himself) Why do they need Red Rose only?

    Boy: Dada I read one story from a book that "Valentine's Day "is named after Saint Valentine.

    Bapuji: ha. Who was Saint Valentine?

    Boy: Saint Valentine lived in Rome. He believed in God and followed the principles of Christ. There was a cruel Roman emperor named Claudius II, who was against Saint Valentine, arrested Saint Valentine and sent him to jail.
    Saint Valentine had a daughter named Julia, who was blind from birth. During his last days of Life in Jail, he described all about the Rome and stories of GOD to his daughter. Thus she saw the whole world through her father's eyes. She prayed to God every morning and night that "I want to see the world what my Father have shown to me through his words". She got her eye sight during their Prayer.
    The day before his death, Saint Valentine wrote a letter to Julia with his signature "From your Valentine". He also urged in his letter "keep Faith and Love in God". He was sentenced to death on February 14. It is believed that his daughter Julia planted a pink-blossomed Almond tree near to his grave symbolizing survival of love and friendship. From there, each year February 14th is celebrated as Saint Valentine's Day all over the world to exchange messages of Love and Affection.

    Bapuji: mm..Nice. Happy Valentine Day. (Then he turned to the little boy) Son, do you know Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev of India?

    Boy: Who are they?

    Bapuji: Freedom Strugglers. They were also hanged on 14th Feb.1931. In other words, they gave up their lives in exchange for freedom of our Nation. Because of them today we are celebrating Valentine day in our own free nation- India.

    Boy: Oh really Dada? I was not aware of this fact before. Never did my parent or elders tell me!

    Bapuji: Mm. I am not at all surprised. It is today's common fact that no one pays attention to our own Nation's history, culture or traditions.

    Boy: Dada, Will you give me three white Roses?

    Bapuji: For what? What are you going to do with these?

    Boy: Dada.. I will keep these Roses in front of Martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev's pictures/statues.

    Bapuji: Sabaash my child.. Sabaash.. Take these roses free of cost.

    On the day of 14th February when look around, we can see number of sellers and buyers of Red Rose, Yellow Rose, white Rose etc. Now what is the cost of a single Rose? Rupees 30/-, 50/-, 100/- and so on. Money is not a problem, but at any cost we want the Rose. For what.. ? Today is Valentine Day. Ok..Ok . We are right, today is 14th February. All remember 14th February as Valentine day. BUT how many of us remember 14th February ALSO as Martyrs' day of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev and why they were hanged on 14th February 1931? How many of us offer a single rose petal in front of their wall pictures or Photographs or statues? Result may be 0.1% or 0%.

    Can we pay tribute to both Saint Valentine and Martyrs in a common manner? If yes, then how?
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    While Valentine day is the imported culture and that is purely connected with romance and mingling of two hearts to express their preference for love and affection. And that has become a passion over the recent years. But on this same day Martyrs day also observed. Martyrs are those who fought for our country and who were always alert across the border when we were asleep. So it is our expressed duty to pay homage to Martyr on this day and of course we can forget the celebrations of valentine day but cannot forget the Martyrs day. May all the Martyrs sole rest in peace.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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