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    Do you appreciate the functioning of our Indian judiciary system?

    Indian judiciary system has got great name and fame in all great democratic countries. But when we see various cases of public nature, many of the cases are taking years and years together and by the time verdict is given, the accused may have enjoyed his full life or by the time they may be no more. Justice delayed is justice denied is a super maxim which suits our Indian judiciary system. For example in the present verdict of Ms. Jaya Lalitha case it took 19 years and by the time the accused have enjoyed their full life and Ms. Jaya Lalitha has no more. Many of the cases like Bofors case nothing came out even after fighting this case in judiciary and among political parties by spending crores of rupees and wasting valuable time of public. Generally our judiciary system says every one is equal before the law (rich or poor). But when we go through various public cases of interesting nature it appears the law is different to rich and poor. Do you think our judiciary system has zero percent involvement of political system? Debate and discuss the various issues of our judiciary system.
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    Yes I am very much unhappy with our judiciary system. There are many complaints and demerits against the system. Firstly giving the bail on doubtful cases itself a big flaw in the law, When a person is arrested by police or law enforcing agencies, they might have done either on a tip off or from a definite proof. And when they are produced in court and awarded remand for few days , the person comes out and again stoop to adjusting his crimes. The same thing happened in Jaya's case which ran for 21 years and the way false information was submitted really baffled the SC judges. Moreover there are many cases before the courts across the country where in the main accused is absconding or died and the others are simply made to visit the courts just for the dates and the time consuming is more. Judges are well aware of any case and they can cancel many for want of proof and no evidence in real sense. That way some lakhs of cases can be removed daily.
    K Mohan
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    Our Judiciary System has a symbol of a woman ,whose eyes are tied with a piece of cloth,who has a balance in hand.
    In films ,it is also showed law is blind.In some cases we see the trials are in favor of mighty one.The Judiciary takes a lot of time in giving the judgement.Some times it seems law does n't give protection to the people.Law breakers give bribe and break the law at every step.The system should be reformed.

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    There is nothing called 'supporting judiciary system' of India. The only problem which the judiciary faces is delay. And this delay is caused due to less number of judges and increasing number of litigations. The abnormal delay in final settlement in Court cases causes corruption involving dishonest lawyers, court clerks, etc.
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    I think we need to understand the system before criticizing. I agree that there is a considerable delay in disposing off many cases but then it is not the fault of the judiciary as such. A Judge cannot pronounce a decision without assessing the facts before him according to the law of the land. It is not something like posting a FaceBook status based on news reports. There is a laid down procedure which need to be followed and the ultimate aim is to ensure that no wrong is done; no innocent is punished. I am not saying that the judiciary cannot commit mistakes; it does. When facts are distorted and evidence is manipulated, the applicable law changes and may lead to miscarriage of justice but that is very, I reiterate, very rare. It would be wrong to say at any cost that the Judiciary can be influenced because nothing is based on hearsay, we have documents to recheck and confirm. I firmly believe that judiciary is the strongest pillar of democracy and any attempt to demean or destabilize the system will only help in weakening the democratic set up of this great nation. To quote the example cited by the author, can anyone say that the delay in disposing off the DA case against Jayalalithaa and others was a drawback of the judicial system? Common!
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    Partha it is generally argued that the cases are delayed intentionally so that the wrong doer must realize his mistake and beg pardon. By making rounds to the courts, he should get in to the mode of seeking forgiveness from the judge. In Tamil there is a saying that a person has to buy so many chappals or foot wear if he wants to attend a case. That means the person has to visit , wait and loose patience number of times in his life during the case period and that would surely bring a qualitative change in him. But again so much delay means the justice is denied to the right people.
    K Mohan
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    Mr Mohan, can you elaborate on your finding that cases are delayed intentionally? Let us not forget that we are not on Twitter or FB; ISC would like you to corroborate your statements with facts.
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