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    Why isn't goat milk easily available?

    During our childhood, goat milk was not easily available compared to cow milk or buffalo milk. However, goat milk could be arranged. Many people think that goat milk is more beneficial than cow milk. Goat milk is one of healthiest drinks. With its rich cream, high mineral and vitamin content, goat milk can replace many of the supplements which people consume daily. Goat milk is better for most people than cow milk, because it is composed of smaller fat globules which makes it easier to digest. So, in our childhood, we saw many unwell children used to be given goat milk instead of cow milk.

    Personally, I have another association with goat milk. During my teen-age, I learnt to milk she-goat from my other 'good-for-nothing' friends.

    Keeping aside my personal association, I have noticed that even today goat is reared in many parts of the country. But goat milk has become very rare. In Delhi, goat milk is simply not available. In Kolkata also, I don't see people consuming goat milk nowadays.

    Why this is so? When goat is still reared all over India, why goat milk has become so rare? Members may kindly post their comments.
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    While I read that Mahatma Gandhi was very fond of Goat milk and peanuts, I never had the chance to drink the goat milk so far. By the way there is no demand nor awareness about goat milk in our area. Well I do see randomly that donkey milk is sold for a price of rupees 50 for just three to four spoons. Goats are reared outside the city limits as they are supposed to have grass as food. In city which is more as concrete jungles , no one would be rearing goats and hence that may be another reason for not having awareness about the goat milk. Nevertheless it seems to be the healthy drink.
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    Goat milk is not easily available.Persons who rear goats don't milk it.Each goat reproduces two or three kids at a time.The kids are reared on mother's milk.When they are grown up ,they are sold on high prices.This is a business.rearing and selling them.
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    I don't think goats can give such massive quantities of milk with their tiny statures.
    Cows on the other hand are large enough and fed well enough to milk them.
    As Indu Singh said, Goats are reared for meat, not their milk.
    But still, there are some villages which promote goat milk. Hope you can get a sip or two from there.

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    First dish of non-vegeterian peoples is meat of goats. As we all know that muslim celebrating bakraid so goats sell in high cost. so that is the main reason of why goats milk not available easily.goats born for death.
    If you want to drink milk of goats than i recommend you to don't drink because milk of goats have unsaturated fat(which have linked to heart disease).

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    Mr. Himanshu Chouhan (#590908): Most probably your information is not correct. For heart patients, goat milk is much better than cow milk or buffalo milk.
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    yes sir do as like someone tells me that goat milk has more collestrol which are not good for our health.

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    correct partha ji, It is not easily available especially in big cities like chennai it is very difficult to even locate the available place for goat milk. we have suffered as anything to feed my sister in law for whom the doctor advised. After a long search we got in Salem and we take her there for a week's time to feed goatmilk. Even today, I do not know the reason for the scarcity.

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    To rear goat for milk needs long time and needs regular care and expense. However rearing them for meat is more easy and more economical.

    Moreover, nowadays the urban people have forgotten or not tasted the fresh milk and are habituated to the packet milk or powder milk. Hence there is no specific demand for goats milk. So that is now left top few pockets in villages and small centres.

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