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    Do you support lavish weddings be punished with luxury tax ?

    We must thank the efforts of Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan, wife of MP Pappu Yadav who brought a bill in Lok Sabha which would certainly have a check on the lavish spending being done during marriages when the groom side or the bride side showcases the extravagant things during marriages and thus it turns out to be a waste for one day show off. Most of the families are spending more on decorations and even costly food to which the government wants to minimize the marriage expenses to just 5 lakh as over and above would be punished with luxury tax ? Say your views.
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    Yes, I definitely agree. I have seen that even in West Bengal (where dowry system is less prevalent), people arrange lavish weddings even if they can't afford it. This is being done not to display wealth, but only to compete with neighbours. Many families reach on the brink of financial disaster to arrange lavish weddings. I support any step which discourages unnecessary expenditure in marriage. If any family wants to spend money on the newly-wed couple, they can purchase gold and/or fixed deposits in the name of couples. This step, instead of extravagant expenditure in marriage, would help the newly-married couple much more.
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    Lavish wedding are for showing their status.Politicians,Contractors and Business tycoons of India are spending too much on lavish marriages.The money should be used in the development of the country.It will be a generous step.
    Who want to spend lavish marriages should help poor people of India.They should see the life in Jhuggis of India.They should help those who are in distress.

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    What is use of such lavish spending when the guests were not properly treated with tasty food by the hosts.
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    I do not support the tax.If it is undesirable ban it, do tax people on the name luxury. This is their hard earned money, they have the right to spend it on they want. Why most the poor are poor? They and their decisions/ work/ habits are responsible for their distress. luxury marriages provides works to many such as hotels,drivers, shop keepers, jewelers etc. and their spending is good for economy. Do you know how much a richman/ comman man is paying tax? It around 55-60 %( corporate income tax+ indirect tax)
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    Unnecessary and unwanted move. How come they conclude 5 lakhs and on what basis? It is up to the individual to spend on their marriages. First priority of the government should be identifying tax evaders and bring them under tax bracket instead of spending time on this kind of silly matters.

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    This type of punishment is not correct, that is taxing them on such events. But there are some actions taken by the concerned departments silently on such lavish marriages. But the pity in this normal man also doing such lavish marriage by borrowing heavily to maintain his or her prestige is only bad.

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    I am supporter of expense tax instead of income tax. People can conceal income. But they will spend and spending has to show. Spending cannot be concealed to the extent income can be concealed.
    So the expenses should be made compulsorily digital or routed through banks and each expense transaction has to be taxed. The real nuts and bolts can be worked out in detail before implementation.

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