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This thread is now an Active GD. Let us discuss whether social media sites resemble our personal diary. Can we be as open when it comes to sharing our thoughts with virtual friends? Writing a diary at the end of the day has a personal feeling; is it so convenient and free when it comes to sharing your private feelings/ thoughts in the social media? Let us discuss.
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    Attention - it is not your personal diary!- Active GD.

    Should personal feelings and details be revealed openly on social media platforms much like you would in a diary? Discuss.

    Sometimes we are not able to handle our emotions, anger, aggression and we burst out and react on Facebook or Whats App group and tell the world about our bad personal experiences - in consequence of that people give suggestions or express their opinion, some may be compassionate and some may make fun of it and may even blackmail.

    My point is that social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. is not your personal diary. Your personal feelings and experiences should be kept secret to avoid misuse and to stay away from avoidable stress.

    Today's generation is more open to social media and quite often becomes a victim of it. Limiting details on the social media is necessary to avoid mental disturbance by exposing very personal matters and feelings.

    Let us discuss the pros and cons of social media in the context of our privacy and individuality.

    The best participants would be suitably rewarded.

    This GD will be closed on 19th Feb '17.

    Update: the closing date is extended to 20 Feb '17.
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    Well. I can't fully agree or disagree with you. People get connected to you in Facebook to know you, not the world around. If that was the case, they'd better watch News. So posting about those little things you come across everyday, isn't bad at all. Infact it makes people more interested in you. So what if people get on your nerves? World is filled with such kinds.
    But these irritating statuses and messages are probably not even the surface of the social media. There's a lot that lies beneath waiting to be explored.
    But one thing surely does bother me. It's not Facebook but ISC that needs a change.
    I was hoping to learn more from the people here. But all I see nowadays are not very educational things and more of personal problems and opinions.
    With it's formal style of media, why is ISC even allowing such things?
    Let's make ISC great again!

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    A very relevant thread. Many people share their personal feelings in various social media platforms. In the virtual world, everybody pretends to be the next Judhishthir, but in actuality, they may be Durjodhan or Dushashan. So, people must be extrtemely careful to be open to virtual friends in the virtual world. They must avoid unnecessary complications.
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    To a certain extent it may be good to unload one's feelings on social media. I may have had some sad experience which upset me a lot. Perhaps sharing it with others on social media lessens the burden. Even something I am angry about if I share I could likely get a fresh & better perspective on it from others and help me better manage my anger.

    At the same time, I do think some people just do not realise what they should and should not share. In this case too, though, what I consider should not be shared may be perfectly OK for somebodyelse!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I do support the author's idea that social media should not be used as the personal diary and if some personal things are revealed then there are every chances of creating problems for our own self. Never share single photos of yours. Always share the photos when you are with others. For your own security and benefit never log in with or create ID with real name. Wrong doers may create problem sending mails. As far as possible avoid making new friends and be contended with existing friends and exchange pleasantries with them. Never reveal the phone number and that would be very torturing in future.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I want to add a recent incident of fatal consequence, a 12-year girl has posted that "I feel like to die" and what are the comment in response to her post. Happily, die, Nobody will cry, another comment nobody will attend your funeral. Such comment will lead her to think that she has no importance, nobody cares her and last she attempt suicide! Is this worth? So social media is not the perfect place to share all thinks. We have to educate the kids about the social media and its limitations and proper use to avoid misuse against you or without your notice.
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    The essence of the media should be used in its true meaning. Media is always limited to broadcast the issues to share or entertain and its focus would have various reasons like TRP Rating, Popularise/Unpopularise the key elements etc. I feel, similarly, social media should also be limited to broadcast the common issues, may be to a small group comparatively. Social media should be used to entertain or share the public news but not to share the high emotions, purely personal feelings. I definitely agree with the author. Personal secrets should always be kept secret and if needs any suggestions, only to share with the very closer ones. One should know their limits to share the issues in social media else they may be the victims / culprits. Also better not to circulate controversial issues in public interest through social media which may be a discomfort to a societal harmony.

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    Social media is definitely not there to showcase our feelings and sentiments. Why should we telecast our problems to everyone? If a person genuinely understands our problem, we can directly talk to that person rather than publishing it in social media. Some people are more interested to know what you are facing in life and gossip about it rather than helping you out. So social media is definitely not a right platform to showcase your sentiments and feelings.

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    The age of Social Media has grown beyond imagination. Today there are about 1.86 billion users in FB alone. That is to say about 1/4th of world population is watching you. The coming of social media age have been enormously beneficial in many ways. We find business growth, medical help, recreational camps, educational support, anything and everything we can seek is already available. Our awareness about things has become easier than ever. However, there are irrefutable drawbacks which we cannot be ignored. We need to be discreet and rational when it comes to what we say or do on social media. People tend to overdo things which are beyond repair. There are users of all age, race, religion, ideology and political views. Every body is expressing their views even when it is not required. The positivity index on social media is absolutely poor. People are becoming less intelligent emotionally. They tend to express their personal problems which is harmful not only for themselves but also for others. We tend to break up with our beloved ones, we tend to show others how rich we are. The addiction to number of followers is sickening. People blindly share several personal details on social media which are duly exploited from time and again. Hackers have exploited financially. Relationships have fallen apart. Technology has made us technically connected but the depth is too shallow. There is little or no substance of emotion and bond in relationships. Greetings and hugs are becoming likes and emoticons. We express our repressed emotions to the world but to the person intended even when they are just next to us. There is not only financial abuse but also emotional abuse, character abuse, body shaming, stereotyping and multiple facets of abuse through social media. There is a riot and there are thousands of views. There is a rape, there are millions of moral judges who never did anything about it in reality. Everybody is highly textual on virtual platforms and living a contradictory mute reality. It is a matter of identity crisis. Everyone wants to prove some point. Isn't this absurd? We have to draw a line of what we say or do on social media. This is already alarming and unnerving. I am strongly of the opinion that it is NOT a personal diary but a responsible platform. Share your views if only asked or required. This is not a public platform to ridicule the fundamentals of human nature. My opinion is that one should avoid as long as it is best avoided.

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    I do not think that social media could be our personal diary. I am always against sharing personal views in social media. Hence I have never been a part of Facebook, Orkut or any such other social networking websites. Hence I can say that "I am preaching what I am practicing".
    There is a common notion that social media helps you meet and greet a lot of friends. Social media removes your loneliness. But my point is why do we need friends from virtual media? The reason is that, people avoid or shy away from people in real life. Hence, they feel very lonely. Hence, they try to find shelter from unknown people in the virtual media. They want to share everything of their life to real people, but they not want to meet those real people in real life. People feel a sense of trepidation or shame in sharing their wrongdoings or problems directly in front of people. Social media gives a false satisfaction that your problems , your misdoings are being shared between people from around the world and yet you never have to be ashamed about it publicly.

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    The topic which has been chosen for the GD is apt in the present society. Although the population of the world has been increasing by leaps and bounds, people are becoming more and more lonely. Nobody has time for parents, friends, relatives, children and sometime even for themselves. At the same time, due to rapid increase in population and subsequent complexities in society, the life has become more stressful.
    So people are lonely and stressed. A so-called modern person doesn't have anybody to unwind. He/She has nobody to share his feeling. Modern man has sent his parents to old-age home, he has not kept contact with his relatives, he has forgotten his friends during the rat-race of career advancement, he has sent his child/children in good boarding school for so-called 'all-round development'. His wife is also busy with her own career. So, the modern man can't unwind in real world.
    So, what should he do? Every person must unwind. Due to this need, he has chosen the virtual world to unwind. Because he/she thinks that virtual world is most convenent for unwinding.

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    One of the authors have said that sharing this on social media "lessens the burden, it changes the perspective of emotions, such as anger". I disagree to it. If this is so, then farmers could have shared their anger over the social networks and not committed suicides in frustration.
    If this is so, then committing suicides by the younger generation would have decreased due to the social networking. Statistics says that over the past few years the rate of committing suicides among male members have increased by more than 60% and that in females have increased by more than 30% in India. Statistics also shows the ever growing graph of people using social media in India, among which more than 50% are the younger ones. That does not necessarily mean that everyone who are starting a profile in the social media today are committing suicides the next day. But who can ignore the case where recently, a bright young male student committed suicide by just saying goodbye on Facebook?
    In fact, social media is not taking any proper part in helping people get out of their frustrations and fears. People are becoming more and more self-centered and self-obsessed due to the over use of social media. They are wasting 70% of their valuable time for such social profiles but can't spend 10 minutes with their parents or relatives to share their feelings. Hence, when they are burdened by anger or frustration, they have no one to support them. Therefore they take such drastic steps.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    If social media could really behave like personal diaries, then why can't women share their personal thoughts on domestic violence and dowry on social platforms and get rid of such evils? According to one author, if posting little things are not bad, then why not post bigger and serious issues like dowry or female foeticide or other such social evils in these social diaries? Why does one post about going to a restaurant or a party or buying things and such frivolous issues in these "personal diaries?" If according to one author, there is nothing wrong in "people getting on nerves" then murdering Pune's IT worker Antara was also correct? It was a recent case where a psycho stalker killed the innocent girl, when she did not succumb to him. Today we share so much on the social media that there is nothing unknown to the world.
    Recently a video was posted on WhatsApp. The content of the video showed that people are visiting a famous astrologer who is so gifted that he knows when you bought your house, how much you paid for it, how much home loan you took, from which bank have you taken the loan, even your personal bank account number. Strange isn't it? I have never such a gifted astrologer. Have you? Well you have definitely met this astrologer, because the name of this astrologer is Facebook, WhatsApp and other such social networks. Shocked? The video showed that 90% of the personal data is shared on such social and global platforms. So anybody can use it or abuse it according to their choice. Anybody can become a renowned astrologer with these information. So not a "personal" diary is Facebook, is it?

    Live life Kingsize!

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    According to Partha man has no one to share his problems with as he leaves his parents in old age homes and no family and friends as such. But I feel every man will have atleast 2 or 3 friends whom he can rely upon. More over even social media is the reason for a man not to have friends in his life. Instead of searching for virtual friends through social media if a man searches for a genuine friend in a real life he will have a known trusted person. We can never know how a person is only through social media. Some people might use your problems for their benefits also and even might feel happy. Why should you share your problems with entire world when they don't even bother?

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    If social media can be used to share about domestic violence women face, about dowry and other things, then is there any solution for it? There are already many blogs and other stories shared on social media, has the problem reduced now? Definitely no. In fact I feel social media might make the problem bigger. Instead of sharing such things, people can rather seek help from NGOs which are mainly there to help out such people. At least through that way we can expect some help which we cannot get from social media.

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    If you use social networking websites as your personal diary, then your gullibility level might increase. Say, you write that you are feeling depressed as you are not getting a job or not getting the proper match for yourself. Just the next day when you open your profile, you see that one or two persons have replied to your profile page. They try to be close to you by consoling you. Gradually in 1 or 2 months they become very dear friend of you over the net. They promise you of jobs or marrying you. They give you their contact address and ask you to get connected. Your joy doubles and you go to the contact address. After you reach there, you see that the promise was all a hoax and they misbehave with you or rob you kidnap you. Don't believe me? Think it is a story of a Bollywood movie? Let me tell you, this is a true incident which happened in North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, where a young girl was promised of marriage via Facebook and wronged.
    The reason behind the increasing gullibility of people is the misuse of emotions like depression, greed, trust. When fraud people come to know about all your life through your "personal diary" Facebook or WhatsApp, etc., they play with your emotions and try to tap the right emotion to get what they want from you.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    I strongly believe that social media is not the good platform for personal discussion until we are aware abut the pros and cons of the same. Today's social media is so advance to make profits from the personal data accessed by this company. Our personal data is sold for millions and billions of money without our notice. They capture our pattern of searching and make an advertisement. Sometimes we get anguished that how this company or service know my details, I even never ever search for the product. If this happens to you your data got excessed or stolen without your notice. So it is our prime duty to ourselves to protect our personal think. Virtual friends are only for fun. They are not your real friend. We should learn to differentiate the things.
    Well done is better than well said

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    I agree with Prasanna that all our information will be accessed by companies. I have even observed that when you open facebook on one tab and search for something on another tab, then the search item will be displayed on Facebook as a suggested page. So one should refrain from providing sensitive information on internet without knowing the security policy. As we should refrain from providing sensitive information, we should also avoid sharing our emotions and feelings as there are people who might take advantage of that to trap you for their benefits. Virtual friends are not even there for fun. There is no benefits of sharing things on social media nor having virtual friends.

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    I agree with the author that social media should not be used like it is a personal diary. Because in most cases its results are fatal, specially when it comes to youth as social media has become a place for them to vent out their anger, feelings (which sometimes includes feelings like jealousy and revenge e.t.c). There have been many cases related to misuse of social media when it comes to sharing of feelings.
    Even some people has started to use this sharing as a business strategy by making confession pages and gaining money for every like and share they get. You will find every school and college having a confession page in social media which kind of gives permission to youths write anything about their batch-mates without getting identified and they call it confessions and writing their mind out.

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    These are the most general forms of posts on social media:
    You praise a political party or criticise it.
    You vent out a sarcastic comment.
    You post your travelogue of a certain place.
    You share your experience of a movie or a speech or a seminar etc.
    You share the pics of the lunch or dinner that you had or its recipe.
    Now tell me which of these is not personal!
    Every speech that originates from your tongue and every post that originates from your social media account is personal.
    Now, there is always an extent to which you should allow your expression of emotions. Say, you start shouting at the top of your voice at a gathering meant for mourning a demise. That will not go down well with any body present there. Suppose you do not possess etiquettes for a public event and still somehow force your way into it. You definitely deserve criticism.
    What I mean is, there are boundaries and ceilings everywhere. So why single out social media? But yes, you must be acquainted with netiquettes and must also not violate cyber norms.
    So as long as you know your limits and know the risks involved too, it's up to you to use social media or not.

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    Speaking of emotions, personal diaries are meant for venting out our emotions. There is a reason why it is called personal. Sushma has pointed out the right thing , which is in extension to my point that, you need few friends to "rely upon" . This rely or trust is not possible in social media. How can you rely upon unknown people from unknown places? If you can't trust unknown people, how can you take the risk of sharing your personal matters out in an open forum, where such unknown and possibly dreadful people will read them?
    I don't agree with one of the views though, that hackers take advantage of the information. The term hacking comes if the information is secret. Here the information and very personal information is out for everybody to read out. So hackers don't have to do much here. Anyone of the common man can take advantage of this information.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    Continuing my response I would like to state that due to increasing loneliness people start to share their feelings in social media with virtual friends. Now in the virtual world, everybody pretends. Everybody presents a different picture of themselves. When a person shares his/her intimate feelings, virtual friends sympatise with him/her. Some use flowery language and impress the person who is emotionally distressed. In some cases, dishonest and unscrupulous virtual friends take full advantageof emotionallydistraught people. I have heard the incidence which Ms. Joyshree has mentioned. Such incidence proves that people have become emotionally less intelligent and stable.

    We are noticing various fraud and other criminal activities due to this tendency of sharing intimate details in social media. Although there are some happy incidents (a Bengali man from Shrirampur has married a Brazilian girl through Facebook-yesterday's news) also, but the frauds and other criminal incidents are more prevalent.

    We have to find the solution of this growing menace of social media fraud. How? I would discuss this in my thrid part of the response.

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    Many times people find sharing their problems on social media on the name of sharing feelings easiest way to escape from problem of life rather than facing them.
    Youth today should understand that posting everything on facebook doesn't solve anything instead it increases the intensity of problem more sometimes.
    And friends and family should be the most trusted people to share feelings and problems not the virtual world.
    Virtual world just gives a view of utopian world but truth most of the time comes with harsh reality of life so its better to face whatever we feel rather then venting it out on social media and escaping from it.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    In the third part of my response, I would try to find solution of this problem. Before going to the solution part, let me cite the example of Rabindranath Tagore. Although Rabindranath was born in a very big family, he was very lonely during his formative years. His father used to live outside Kolkata and his mother was busy in running the household chores. His borthers were much older than him. Rabi grew up under the supervision of private tutors and servants. Later, after the death of her mother (he was only nine at that time), he became more lonely. This loneliness developed his observation power and he started penning down his observations.
    Nowadays people live among a sea of humanity, but they are lonely. They don't find people in the same mental wave-length. So, these lonely people start putting their feelings and intimate details in social platform. Many so-called virtual friends take advantage of the situation, and exploit such lonely people, more so in case of females.
    Many people suffer financial frauds due to their habit of sharing financial details. Many women have been lured to unhappy marriage and much worse incidents. So what is the solution.
    In my opinion, following steps should be taken:-
    (a) Parents must teach their children the dos and donts of social media.
    (b) Parents must communicate with their children to prevent feeling of loneliness.
    (c) Single child must be engaged in some constructive activities based upon his/her mental inclination.
    (d) Government must initiate sustained campaign using all platforms advising people against sharing intimate details in social media.
    (e) NGOs and psychologists will also have to play a major role in this regard.
    (f) People must take the path of creativity to avoid this addiction of social media.
    (g) Finally, introspection is necessary. We must understand that no person can be 100% good. We also must understand the danger of sharing our details to unknown virtualfriens.

    I support the topic- 'It (social media platform) is not your personal diary' . The early people understand this, the less problem he/she would face in future.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    This is a very interesting and thought provoking GD thread.
    We are humans and we want someone to confide with, someone with whom we can share our feelings and emotions. Before the advent of social media we were doing it with our close friends and even close relatives.
    Every one sometime or other unloads his or her feelings to someone close and achieves a sense of sharing. You can not keep all your feelings with you all the time. It may become a unnecessary load on you and may show up in the form of mental fatigue.
    With the availability of social media to more and more people this new pattern of sharing one's personal thing in it is gradually rising and spreading like a epidemic.
    People are not aware how vulnerable and insecure this type of sharing is, as many persons are seeing it in open and it could be used by some bad element for inferior purposes. There is no point in washing one's linen in public.
    The close friends are still there and if it is really required sharing private matters with them in real world will be a better choice.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I have also grown up as a single child. But I have kept a safe distance from such social networking profiles. The reason to this is that by nature I am a coy and reserved person. I don't like to be outspoken about any of my problems. So I don't think that only single children are necessarily social media savvy. It is basically coming from a) the laziness of going out and making friends b) the distant relationships between these youngsters and their parents and guardians.
    Therefore, I can say that here the problem to be addressed is that people exposing their own personal life over the social network. People cannot always differentiate between what to say and what not on social media. Some even disclose where they are currently going and what is their current contact numbers That way anybody can stalk them.
    Now, the only solution to this problem could be more more interaction of such people within their family. They feel totally detached from their family. Maybe both their parents are working. Maybe, other guardians in the family are too strict or too formal to be approached at the time of problems. So these young kids feel more comfortable in sharing their problems or happiness or sadness with unknown but informal and friendly people on the internet. They make social media their personal diary and become close to all the friends in that network. So the only solution to this problem is talking to your own family members. Talk to them, even though they seem disinterested. Slowly they will take interest in your life. I would also like to tell the senior members of the family that take interest in the lives of your children or soon they will be like unknown persons to you.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    One opinion that is gradually evolving for sure, from this discussion is, people in our society, be they young or middle aged or old, are not having enough of face-to-face discussions. Things like social media, remote collaboration, work-from home and increasing work-focus are adding to the so created "solitude". This is very true. But we must remember this is a change which has migrated in our lives in course of time. Change, as we know,is the only constant. It's bound to come. We cannot avoid it in totality. This has become a way of life. But given it's harmful effects we must counter it. So how?
    We feel proud to say things like, "My child can operate mobile at this age, so fast." One should rather be ashamed of it. This is the trait we impart and we expect the young generation to avoid social media. How on earth do we expect that? We have to create healthy things that will be more interesting than operating a mobile or watching TV or browsing internet.
    Sports, acting in a drama or a movie, singing etc. could prove to be such alternatives. It's for us to think of such alternatives.

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    From the discussion so far it has clearly emerged that sharing your personal things in social media is an unavoidable addiction which has gripped everyone specially young people in its spell.
    The probable solution which naturally comes to my mind is rationing of internet time for all the persons in general and for young people in particular.

    Knowledge is power.

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    People feel lonely when they have no friends to trust to share things. They even stop sharing with their family in search of virtual friends. Before searching for an virtual friend, it is better to search for friends in real life. Joyshree said she was a single child yet she is against social media which is actually good but here single child or having a sibling does not matter as both the categories take the advantage of social media platform to share their feelings and then end up creating more problems.
    One more reason why people express their feelings on social media is they feel hesitant to share their feelings with friends because they might be introvert as they won't have much social interaction in their real life. Parents should tune their children from a very young age so that they are free with people and talk openly. Also parents should make sure that they are friendly with their children so that children can speak up even the smallest and the silliest things with them. This is solve 90% of the problem in one's life.

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    Concluding my response, I would like to state that with the passage of time, human society has been becoming more and more complex. On the other hand, human beings are becoming introvert. They don't want to face the harsh reality of real world. They are trying to find solace in the unreal virtual world.

    Many people are sharing their most personal information with unknown virtual world friends. In some cases, unscrupulous people take advantage of emotional bankruptcy. Many people share their bank details and suffer from financial fraud. Many women had to suffer in different manners because of sharing details with unknown people in virtual world.

    This has become a modern-day menace. People have to come out of this problem on their own, but family-members, real friends,Government, pychologists , NGOs and overall the society have to provide genuine help to such emotionally bankrupt people.

    I thank Ms. Vandana, ME, for organising this interesting GD. I also thank Mr. Prasanna for initiating discussion on this topic. I convey my best wishes to other participants.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    As Umesh said, we cannot say social media is unavoidable addiction. We can definitely avoid it. One needs to understand the consequences of what happens when personal information is shared. Being on social media is OK to connect with people but definitely we should not share personal things thinking virtual friends as true friends. One should stop searching for unknown new friends on social media. Enough awareness should be created about the consequences of what happens among people

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    Sometime sharing feelings not only effect a particular person but everybody around him and his entire community.
    For eg- if a army personnel shares such feelings of lonliness there are major chances of him being caught in a honey trap through social networking sites. This kind of situation may be harmful for not only that particular person but his entire country.
    Similarly when a young teenager falls prey to wrong people and society because of sharing feelings. And this effect his whole family.
    Even for a normal person sharing all emotions on such platform may results in harmful consequences.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    After seeing Neelam's response above I remembered an incident that happened recently. An army personnel shared his frustration on Facebook about the food they get and later in few days he was in trouble for sharing such a thing. One should know to use how to use Facebook and what not to share. Instead use social networking to help people. To help poor. Use social networking for helping innocent animals.

  • #591325
    Even after sharing one's personal feelings and experiences in the social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc, one can withhold their privacy and individuality, if such sharing has certain boundaries. If sharing of personal experience motivates and useful to any section of the people for their growth in disciplined sector, it is not a harm and should be encouraged to share.

  • #591332
    Hai friends!

    According to my view point,Social media platforms are better way to express or share one's opinions or emotions.It's upto us in how to write the content. Focussing on and utilizing the positive aspects of these social networking sites are mostly recommended!

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    The reason people maintain a distance from their own family and relatives is sometimes fear of experience reprimands, rebukes, sarcastic comments or criticisms of what they have done. So social media diaries become a easy way out. One can confess whatever they have committed and can again gain sympathy or positive remarks from their friends in the social networking sites. But always remember, the reason why family rebuke or criticize your bad behavior is that they want you to only improve. So face the reprimand if you truly deserve it, instead of surrendering yourself to unknown and dangerous people.
    On the other through this podium of the group discussion, I would also like to request the respective parents and guardians that don't be too critical of your children. If you sarcastic of their attitude all the time, they will never open up to you and you will lose them to these social networking websites.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    I would like to conclude by saying that social networking profiles are good for making friends. They can help you interact with unknown people. This way introvert people can get out of their social shyness. But DO NOT make these online friends a part of everyday life. Although it is a method to express your views, don't be too personal about them. Always remember the best way to express your views is vocally and that too in front of your near and dear ones. So don't let your details in the social networking profile be more than formal. Never disclose your personal information on the website. Even if you want to, always consult your guardians and senior friends about it first. I think this way you will be able to use social media without any trepidation or danger.
    Live life Kingsize!

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    If one can maintain the privacy of what they share, then there are people who can break any privacy level. There is nothing secured on social networking sites and each and everything can be hacked. Some people go to any extreme level to find out what they want. If a person who shares has boundaries then some unknown person might have known each and every way to break your boundary and get the information and create nuisance.

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    I think social media is avery benificial tool provided by technology and we should use it properly.
    I want to conclude by saying that we should keep our safe distance while sharing our feelings . It is ok to share feelings of joy and happiness to some extent but it is not a place for venting out anger and revengeful feelings because it may result in very fatal results.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Putting your joy , sorrow expression on social media like on Facebook is not good. It exploit your personal information to world and now people can make use of it for personal gain. If you post or share something for good cause is always healthy e.g. Sharing any post which can energies youth for doing good for country, sharing job posts, sharing motivational thoughts etc. Also there was no Whatsapp , Facebook or other social sites 30 years back still people were able travel and meet others for various occasions. But now even if you are room mates or neighbors , you don't talk rather you chat. Funny thing is sometimes husband wife instead of talking , chat more for their problems. Problems can be solved by only talk and understanding.

    I feel memories needs to be stored in photos and videos and watch them over and over with family. There is no joy posting everything right way and not enjoy those moments watching again with family. If one want to post something then post it to limited people , all social sites have that security to limit to see your posts. That makes your information much secure and only loved ones will enjoy along with you.

    Life Is Beautiful

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