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    When people know about harsh punishments then why they stoop to do wrong things ?

    We have seen in recent past that people who are known well in the society have been awarded with great punishment by the Police, court and other law enforcing agencies. People are well aware that their every bad move is watched and towed by the law, still they are not worried about their future and stoop to the low level of indulging in wrong doings and then caught red handed. Some people have the influencing capacity for their comforts even in jail. Such is their corruption level which gone bad to worse. Why cant they change their attitude at least after one guilty ? Any comment on this ?
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    I am afraid that as things trend now, jails are places where many criminals get the best, without any hard work. If we have to believe what comes in media, some top criminals enjoy all the comforts and security which ordinary law abiding citizen can only dream of. If such things are true, will it make people scared of jail and punishment?
    It is only the small fry and ordinary law abiding citizen- often termed as small fish who are scared and afraid. The ' Big fish' always have their way. Just read some of the last two days newspapers. a prominent person sent to jail has given a charter of demands to the jail authorities. We have to pay in thousands to get a hotel room with such facilities. Such wrong doers take jail as a picnic only.
    Punishment should serve as deterrents. However we see reports of politically well connected hardened criminals released using discretionary political powers when govts change in states. Parole and amnesty are given to some punished criminals overlooking rule and laid out guidelines. In jails also 'all are equal, but some are more equal than others'. People get to see these 'more equals enjoying there. That makes the attitude change.

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    Irrespective of punishment volume, the crime is crime, mistake is mistake. People even in normal level are doing crimes or punishable activities in the guess of their influence in the society or influencing persons in the society. when such activities are going in the public police also do not notice the same with the thought that the concerned person would be having some influence. I saw daily a car having broken number plates and though there is policeman in the road nobody taken action, it is found as I am seeing the car daily. One day I saw the car was driven by a women and entering into a women's college. If people doing such a way it is getting developed small by small to big crime. In one tamil film a father,carry his son(small boy)on his shoulder and the boy from shoulder took some banana from the basket of a vendor who came by their side. On alighting from the shoulder the father saw that he have the bananas and happy to hear his action but later the son become a great thief and on his conviction he told the Judge,'if my father would stop or punish me when stealing the banana, I will not become such a thief'. we are seeing daily in the bus that school boys are hanging in the footsteps but no passengers are ask them to avoid footboard travel except the diver and conductor which means we, everybody accepting their such action. we everybody are responsible for every crime, as we are indirectly admitting them.

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