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    Our rights and duties

    If we have rights ,then we have duties also.But many of us only know about our rights and don't know about our duties.Last evening, some ladies were in the park .They were talking ,the corporation doesn't take initiative to make the park beautiful.When they were ready to leave ,they threw wrappers of Kurkur and Mixure in the park.Is it right ?We have right to sit in a park, but our duty is not to make it dirty.
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    Many people think that they have only right in India. The country and its mango-people must be obliged to these great men and women because they are living in this country. These great men and women have only rights. They don't have any duty to the country.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    If you come accross people throwing waste in the park, directly ask them to pick it up and throw it in the waste bin. Tell it directly on their face not to throw wastes were ever they want. That way they will feel insulted and atleast won't repeat it again.
    Keeping surrounding clean is everyone's duty. If we don't co-operate,then we even don't have rights to complain. This should come from within to everyone.

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    The leader quote in the newsletter of our trade union (in which I was a member when I was employed) is: 'Rights flow out of duties well performed'.

    From start itself I was impressed by this. The same principle was stressed by our union leaders in those days in every meeting they held. They encourage and convinced us to do our duties well and exceed targets assigned. This, they said, only can assure and enable us to get more benefits.

    Later I came to know that was Gandiji's concept of rights.

    I am influenced by that thought and still hold it so as given in the quote. We cannot have any right unless we do our duty.

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    The behavior of a person in public place is always difference when compared to his presence at his home or other functions. I have seen people freely defecating the public places as if there is no one to question them or impose fine. When we go to a park, we must ensure that we keep it clean and also advise others to keep it clean. The petty vendors should not be allowed inside the park as they are also responsible as when the people purchase their products, they would certainly throw the remains in the park itself. So cleanliness must begin within ourselves and need not initiated by others.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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