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    Interesting fact: Do you know what is star series note?

    Many of us are aware that production of bank notes is a very complicated process. It involves several steps. Let us suppose, RBI is going to print Rs. 100/- notes. These are issued in bundles of Rs. 100/- notes in a serial order. If, during the process of production, any error occurs disturbing the continuity of the series, the defective notes are then replaced. In place of those defective notes, star series notes are issued. Star series notes are inserted replacing the defective notes in the bundle, which are arranged in a sequential order. Star series notes have a star symbol in the number panel. As for example, a star series note will have the number in the following pattern – 1AA*012345. In star series notes, there will be a prefix of three characters before the symbol (*), and six digits after the symbol. The present star series has been introduced by RBI in 2006.
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    This thread made me search to know more in this regard. Then I hit upon the RBI announcement in 2006 on that matter. You may get to read this on the RBI web site (
    Thanks Partha, for this informative thread.

    (Personally I have not got a star series note. This site( has given a pic of such a note.

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    Thanks for the tutorial on star series notes. For the first time I am coming across such a fact. When the RBI undertakes the printing of notes , it must be done with great care like, ink combination, dark or light color, the design and the size of the paper. But how come the serial number of the notes get missed while printing. That means there is no fool proof method to print the notes without errors or mistakes. Hope RBI takes remedial step as inserting star series in between may also lead to corruption inside the bank itself and that is the grave concern for the future now.
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