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    Do you believe that money is everything in life ?

    Today everyone is engaged in some sort of job mainly to earn a livelihood. Some people earn more while some remain hand to mouth. Depending on their financial conditions, people enjoy the various facilities and luxuries of life.

    Many people believe that money is everything in life, as you can purchase anything with it to comfort your life. On the contrary there are people who do not agree with this doctrine and feel that money is important but not everything.

    What is your opinion on this issue?
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    Money is very important but money is not everything of course. Money can be invested to make more money. Money can bring you the luxury of life. Money can buy expensive medical services to keep you healthy. Money can make you happy. What importance we give to the money is our orientation of thought and most od the time our experiences related to money. To enjoy the money you need people. The people which are close to you and you are close to them. The trustworthy people, otherwise this money will snatch your peace of life to protect your money from untrustworthy people. Money is important only when you will keep it with the principle of life.
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    For me Money is important to life but that is not the only means to survive in this world. Honest, integrity, solace and patience are four things which can keep you in right path and that will fetch you good people who can help you to earn money. One thing is sure, I have have seen people who are earning money and having a normal living are the winners. That means having the capacity to earn money, one should not stoop to the level of making unwanted purchases and land up as loan monger. I know some people who are having so many credit cards and they keep on purchasing things, unmindful of the fact that the money would be recovered from with with hefty interest and thus while making payments, they do turn as defaulters and eventually pauper. So spending money wisely only for the urgent need is the best way to lead the life.
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    Money may not be everything in life but it is very important. There are many things which money may not be able to purchase. In the old age it is the health that is more important than anything.
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    Money is important ,but it has no limitation.So satisfaction is important in life.Five years ago ,I was in Varanashi,some foreigners were taking interviews of Naga Sadhus.They were asking many questions ,"You have nothing and you are so happy?"The sadus replied ,We have satisfaction'.'I see the people who have satisfaction ,they are happy and they are free from many disease .
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    Money is very important. Absoultely no doubt about it. But certainly it is not 'everything'. Everyone must remember that famous adage: "If wealth is lost, nothing is lost. If health is lost, something is lost. If character is lost, everything is lost."
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    Yes, it is not everything but when we don't have money and it's scarcity creates all sort of problems in life. Hence money and continuous flow of money is very necessary in life.

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    In life, nothing is 'everything'. In this context, the word is used more metaphorically rather than a true representation of its dictionary meaning. That being said, I think money is extremely important and it would be acceptable to construe that money is everything.

    In today's world money buys you everything – from education to healthcare to all the luxuries in life. It gets you the food on your table and a roof over your head. Some would argue that money does not buy you, love. Let's face it that is the most common argument one receives. Well, true that, but is it also not true that love is not up for sale. If it were then money would probably be able to buy love too.

    Even those who live on the dole are actually living on somebody else's money. If they do not receive alms or food they would not be able to survive. So, money does play a significant part in our lives, and thus remains the proverbial 'everything'.

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    I don't say money is everything in life. It is just a requirement. Infact it is a very important requirement for one's survival. We need money for our livelihood. We need it for education, to pay hospital bills and other things. So we have sufficient money. But that doesn't mean we should run behind money thinking it is everything in life. If we have to be peaceful, we should be satisfied with what we have rather than wanting more. If we are greedy for more money, our only thoughts will be to make money and ultimately we will not be happy. We should earn and spend just earning and keeping gives us no joy.

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