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    Who will be next CM of UP

    Uttar pradesh is a large state. As this is the third phase of elections what is your opinion about results. Which party has more chance and why.
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    God only knows! We should not speculate. We can express our opinion about the election result, but is it necessary to speculate about the post of Chief Minister? The opinion poll gives BJP the top position in UP election, but BJP has not even declared the Chief Ministerial candidate.
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    There are only two in competition one is Mr. Akhilesh Yadav for Samajwadi party and Second is Ms. Mayavati from Bahujan Samaj Party. BJP has promised a lot but never delivered up to the mark. It gives only vision and not the sustainable and inclusive way to achieve the vision. People are very disappointed by the poll promises. The people of UP is confused at this moment. Media is hype about the BJP and SP congress alliance. They are hardly discussing the other factor of the election. The clearer view will get on 11 March.

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    No one can predict in the present scenario in politics because majority of people of UP wants to see Mr. Akhlesh Yadav again.
    After loksabha election ,CM has done very good work as far as development is concerned particularly infrastructure electricity and rural roads.

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    Well for the first time the UP elections are being held with very high expectations and in different situation after the demonetization effect. It is the acid test for the BJP and how PM Narender Modi is going to win this election as it is going to be a mini referendum to the up coming general election two years from now. For Congress it is the survival test as it allied with SP. And for the SP it is the prestigious issue to retain the power but having alliance with Congress has not gone well with the voters. And BJP was fearing fight only with BSP. But Mayawathi already considered her defeat and even asked the voters to vote for BJP and other to keep SP away from the power. Nevertheless the voters are the king makers here and their valuable vote shall change the face of India in the coming days and that will decide the CM for UP.
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    My prediction is that the Samajwadi and Congress combine is likeky to win the elections and in such an eventuality Akhilesh will be the next Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The BJP may be in third place after BSP.
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