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    Attn : Tony our webmaster. ISC is supressing my rights to raise important issues here.

    In the recent past the editors are ruthlessly deleting my threads which is causing agony and bringing anger in me. The threads what I have raised is in no way equal or concerned to the threads already raised. Forum is the place for us to to put forth our views and observations. If the ISC go on deleting our responses and threads, what is the use of this forum. Its high time Tony must visit this site daily and look for the things to set right, otherwise I may also say quits to this site. I am really getting annoyed.
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    Please do not get annoyed or angry. Instead of threatening to quit, why do not you try to solve it amicably? And demanding Tony's presence everyday is not logical at all. As a webmaster, he must be keeping an eye on the happenings on a daily basis, I am sure about that.

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    What I did not like is your words - "I may also say quit to this site'. This was not expected from a Platinum Member like Mohan. I know what prompted you to raise this thread. Already a thread has been posted on the subject - The D Day for AIADMK today. There was no need to raise a second thread on the same subject. ISC editors ensure to delete the repeated subjects which is justified. You need not get annoyed. Please refrain from using the words Quit/Leave/Bye etc.

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    In this context, I would like to state that the record belongs to me. My rejection rate is 66.66%! Yesterday I raised three threads. The first one was on the blast at the most famous shrine of Lal Shahbaj Kalandar at Sindh, the second one was on a special type of currency notes and third one was on Central Bank of India. Out of these three, the first one and the third one have been deleted. The reason is known to the Almighty and the Editor who has deleted these threads. As usual I won't be able to know which so-called policy did I violate.

    Enjoying this drama! Nowadays I don't get angry.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    K Mohan,

    Since you have simply posted this thread (which looks like an outrageous threat) without giving the URLs, I took the trouble to locate a few of your deleted threads.

    Well, you stated "Forum is the place for us to to put forth our views and observations." You are absolutely right! That is what we want, not just reams of news items which we read about in the paper or on the Net. The point of a forum thread is to elicit a discussion. So if at all you are reporting something unique (not a reported news item very likely known to all & sundry) which generally members are not aware of, then it should be put in such a manner that members are able to expound their own views on it.

    Note that quite a few of your threads have not been deleted but just locked as there are, as Partha rightly pointed out, similar threads on the same topic.

    You also mentioned deletion of your responses. I checked those too and let me correct that - the responses were not deleted by forum editors. The points have been reduced because you (i) often don't seem to be responding as per the text of the thread (I did request you in one thread to try and understand what the thread topic is) and (ii) needlessly putting extra sentences just to lengthen the test of the response so as to get extra points.

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    Your thread about the Star series currency notes was indeed unique and interesting. However, like I stated for K Mohan, please do avoid taking on the role of a news reporter of news that members would be reading in their daily paper or on the Net. As we requested you before, it is best to avoid constantly doing so. You do not lack spontaneity and uniqueness at all, not to mention a touch of wit which brings a smile to one face for sure, and have shown a dash of creativity too. So why must you rely on news to come up with forum thread topics? Come on! You are one of the members who can really make our forum vibrant with unique discussions. So let's see more of that spark please and less of news feeds.

    Both you and K Mohan are requested to please try to understand that deleted threads may not necessarily be violating official guidelines but forum editors do need to curb a certain tendency which seems to be getting aped by other members as well. Everything does not literally need to be put in black and white and it is not that we have not mentioned this before. We have a lot of patience in explaining things repeatedly and, as you can see, I'm doing so for the nth time here.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Ms. Vandana: I don't know whether you are aware or not, the dargah (shrine) of Lal Shahbaj Kalandar is very famous. People visit this dargah irrespective of religious affiliation. The suicide blast at this dargah during the 'dhamal' is extremely painful for all right-thinking persons. Even the much-maligned Paki Army has been forced to take action against the teerrorists after the attack. More than 100 terrorists were killed by Paki Army after the attack. I wanted to discuss the menace of terrorism through the deleted thread, which could not be possible thanks to the Editor who deleted the thread.
    Yesterday night I got to know two interesting facts about Central Bank of India. It was the first bank which initiated credit card in our country. I tried to share the information with other Members. Perhaps an Editor thought that discussing credit card would be against the policy of ISC, so he/she deleted the thread.

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    All ISC editors are not with same perception and thinking. They are different, but when one editor deletes a thread with his own thinking, other editors think in his way and support the editors action, including the ME and WM. All editors are right, and all members are wrong.

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    No, I am not aware of all famous shrines, but have a deep & abiding faith in God and respect all holy places, anywhere. So any act of violence on any holy place is extremely painful to read about. You said you wanted to discuss the menace of terrorism. That is good, no doubt. However, I do not frankly think it is necessary to highlight every single such episode because it will simply elicit the same reactions against terrorism. Even right now, your one thread is highlighting the menace of terrorism very nicely in an indirect way. We did not delete that thread did we?

    As for the thread on Central Bank of India, tell me - what kind of discussion it will elicit really? You are pointing some interesting facts about its history. Members will say, "Wow! I did not know this. How interesting" Then what?! What exactly do we talk about further? At least in the currency thread somebody might say that they have such a currency note and attach a photo or somebody might come up with some further unique aspect about the currency.

    Nobody has said anything about not discussing credit cards! See, if I wanted to share such an interesting detail, what I would do would be to come up with a topic to discuss in relation to credit cards and in that text would mention that so and so bank was the first one to issue credit cards. Thus, I am not only partially using the tag line of ISC - the learn part - but also trying to draw out views of members on the topic. In a response, if they mention that you gave an interesting point about the first credit card while also giving their views, then at least it would make sense.

    Even your forum footer highlights the essence of a forum - "Chit-Chat" - we should chit-chat about topics, certainly, but not literally in the sense of posting a forum thread that brings out idle chit-chat which heads nowhere.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    K Mohan,

    Coming back to you as the author of this thread - I have on more than one occasion openly said that some of your threads would lighten up my work day. You know why? Because you had this way of picking up mundane, ordinary things or experiences in day to day life and getting us to laugh and talk about it. I am not indicating that your other threads are bad. We do need topics that are related to politics or health too, but the problem is that in recent times you seem to be presenting them in the same manner like a few others are doing - merely as a news feed.

    As I indicated in my response #591105 above, why not come up with some topic related to some news you would like to share and put that news very briefly in the context of the topic? Look up the meaning of the word forum - it should be a platform to enable an exchange of views. Now, how can views be exchanged if you merely report a news item and not really give your views on some unique aspect of it?

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Partha, what I can sugest for you is, whenever you come across some interesting information which you want to share with others, but does not have much to dispute or debate, then, instead of a forum thread please develop it into an article and post it.
    You have the potential to create an article of about 300 to 500 words easily on any topic.
    That will be more beneficial to you in terms of points and cash and also there will be less chance of being deleted.

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    An article can indeed be developed from a forum topic, but not necessarily so. Some topics may not really work out as an article, such as the one on Central Bank of India. It would likely be just a time line of its history and not very conducive to get traffic. Every topic selected for a forum thread or for an article or to be posted as a query in the Ask Expert section should be conducive to its niche section.

    Some time back Partha had posted a thread about a unique type of tent which could be used as shelter for those affected by major disasters such as a landslide or earthquake. Now that topic could have been taken up as an article, speaking about the product itself, providing details too about other such useful products & services and perhaps giving some personal suggestions about other ways in which those affected can be helped out. Such an article would be both interesting to read and likely get readers from those involved in disaster management relief.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Mr. Venkiteswaran: Sincere thanks for ths suggestion. However, writing articles will be little bit tough for me because of my procastrinating nature. Moreover, I feel that the readers of articles are much less compared to readers for forum threads. There is no surety of approval of articles quickly. Normally it takes three days in my case.

    Even then, I will try to follow your advice.

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    Kindly don't misguide Mr. Partha. You have said -"You have the potential to create an article of about 300 to 500 words easily on any topic." Do you know that article section won't accept articles of 300 to 500 words length. It requires more than 1000 words.

    What I suggest Partha is - He should endeavour to create a news topic in the form of question or query to initiate discussion on that topic. Partha need to learn the art of modifying a topic to suit the forum of ISC.

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    There is lot of difference between what Sun has raised and what I had raised and that was deleted. I cannot write the observations of mine in Sun thread as that is totally out of context.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One more thing when the editor is punishing us with less or zero points, then why the thread needs to be deleted when it is already indexed by Google. Hence forth let the editors only take the prerogative to raise threads and we the members need only respond.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
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    Sun - it is not misguidance. We do allow short length articles too of 300 - 350 words if the topic is such that it cannot really be put in great length. I suggest you could update yourself on the guidelines and FAQs.

    K Mohan - can you provide the URLs of the threads you are referring to in #591127? I cannot deal with an issue if I am not aware of what is being referred to.

    Regarding your response in #591129 - reducing points and deletion are two different actions. A thread which gets deleted loses its points totally. A thread which gets reduced points remains as approved. Also, as Tony Sir said in another thread, a thread which gets indexed by Google will soon get de-indexed.

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    Your rants against editors is nothing new. It is especially unbecoming to make personal remarks about a particular editor in the manner you did in #591133. Take care what you write in the name of supposed fun or supposed sarcasm.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Here is the url of Sun and Mine threads

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I know that telling a fact in ISC is a serious crime to lose the marks. If my response can be deleted, what is the use of keeping the response 591136 visible. You should have simply deleted my response and rested. Or you should have added in your response that my response # has been deleted.

    Further, about your response to my response to Venkiteswaran:
    Partha need to learn the art of making recipes to contain within 300 - 350 words. No general article can be written within 300 - 500 words except recipes.

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    And Vandana, to your information the thread has been indexed and still visible. That means Google team liked it and ISC wont.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sun - (a) It is not only recipes which are accepted of short length. Let's not derail this thread talking about articles please. (b) I also do not wish to discuss anything further about your deleted response as that also will take this thread off track.

    K Mohan - I saw both the threads. You did mention another aspect about it, but as I can see in Sun's thread, your response there about it does not look out of context at all. Since his thread was posted before yours, your thread was locked and the forum editor also gave a link to Sun's thread to indicate that you could discuss it there. Your thread was not deleted. It is very much still there and hence still indexed by Google. Do you still want any further clarifications?

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I particularly do not like to read news in the forum because I get it from the newspaper and TV networks; but then does everyone read the newspaper or watch television news!

    Forum policies should be applied uniformly. If news posts that have no scope of generating a discussion are not allowed in the forum should not that rule be applicable to everyone, irrespective of the status of the member?

    One member was allowed to post at least 7 news items on the forum between 8 February and 12 February. This member also happens to be a Forum Editor and hence should be more aware of posting guidelines than normal members, since they are a part of internal discussions and decision making. Please do not create a divide (that is what it appears) by allowing select members to post news threads (with sections of at least one post copied verbatim). If normal members' threads containing news threads are locked or deleted or given negative scores it should be the done for everyone.

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    # 591143 is right. ISC should be impartial to editors and members. They should treat them equally. ISC should not try to apply butter(Makkan) on one eye and lime(Chunna) on the other eye. Both the eyes should be ISC eyes to see the editors and members equally.
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    I would like to clarify two things.

    1. Whenever I raise any thread based upon any news-item, I always give my comments/views in the last Para of the thread. This means I want discussion on my comments. It appears that the Editors are too busy to read upto the last Para of my thread.

    2. My deleted thread on Central Bank of India was not based upon any news-item or any article on the Internet.

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    Mr. Sun and Ms.Juana,
    Well I don't want to dispute the argument about presentation of news article for discussion as it depends on the thread initiator as to how he correlates the topic for discussion. But threads and responses by members and editors are dealt in equal manner. In fact, all the editors are instructed to be careful of posting news items as threads and one or two threads were deleted or locked also. We may have difference of opinion about the topic under discussion but it is limited to the thread or topic only. I don't agree to your impression that there is a division among members and editors.


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    You are entitled to your view, but that does not change the facts. There may be no divide, but that is not how it is being portrayed. Seven forum posts pertaining to the news within 4 days is not a small number and not something that can be missed. My submission is simple, if there is a rule, apply it across the board. By allowing one member to post something that others are not allowed shows a bias. I see it as a certain member being allowed special privileges.

    These were also news items, with nothing to discuss, but they were not dealt with the same severity, as other posts. If you still think that is not the case, then you just confirm the opinion I have formed to the way issues are dealt with, on ISC. There is a definite bias.

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    What is the use of deducting some point and then not allowing other members to troll on my thread ? That means my voice has been pulled down.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Juana is indeed right. There were a number of forum threads submitted by the editor. There were eight such threads and not seven. Due to internal discussions, the forum editor was aware that we were discouraging repeated news-based threads and should have posted with due thought and care. Subsequent to seeing that cluster of news threads, we did have a discussion on those too, like we do for any news-based threads. Out of the eight threads, one was deleted right away due to it being promotional in nature (hence you did not see that thread at all). Two of the threads were important ones, related to exams - such threads are allowed as it does get traffic and members who are appearing for major exams like the ones mentioned do benefit and can even ask associated queries related to it. One thread was of a film star entering the political stream and this was definitely worthy of discussion. Another news thread highlighted a really major achievement of India and no way could be dismissed as not worthy of forum discussion. The remaining threads could have been avoided altogether. Action was not taken on those threads out of respect for the member, not as an editor, but due to being a regular contributor who provides good content in various sections. Due to this respect, since it was the first time the member had done such a thing (of posting repeated news items), it was decided to leave those threads as they were. We accord the same respect for threads posted by members like K Mohan and Partha because they too are long-term contributors and we do value their contributions. Subsequently, like we did for the editor's threads, we discuss their threads too internally. We have even restored a few of their threads after internal discussions.

    We apologize to the members who are feeling hurt & upset about deletion of their threads and for the bias we are conveying. I know it does seem to be happening frequently from the point of view of members since, after all, they are not privy to internal discussions. Do try to understand please: We are not deliberately targeting anybody. I give you my personal word - I will have an in-depth discussion with the editorial team & we will keep in mind your feedback about maintaining the same rule for everyone.

    Updated this response after posting the second response below to make things more clear: (i)It was clearly conveyed to the editor both directly and in one of the threads about not posting news items. (ii) For K Mohan and Partha, too, their initial news threads were never deleted or locked early. Only after they repeatedly did so, despite being told not to do so, then action was taken to delete or lock the threads early.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    K Mohan - we have already given feedback on the thread you mentioned.

    Partha - the details of Central Bank of India may not have been literally based on a news item, but it nevertheless was not considered something that would generate good discussion. If you think it can, you could post it again but with some context for discussion. Also, you mentioned that you add comments to even news-based items. I would suggest, then, that your text could contain more of your views and less of the news part. Just to give you an idea - in some of your entries for creative contests, you have a wonderful way of building up an atmosphere to it, with details of the surroundings in which the story is set. However, it does tend to take away the focus on what is given as the core of the contest. So the basis of the contest's theme gets overwhelmed by all the descriptive text. Similar is the case with your news thread. Do please try to focus on posting your own perspective and less on details of the news. Could you consider this suggestion please?

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    So much discussion is going on the topic which is healthy one way and unhealthy the other side. I try to substantiate the both here. First regarding healthy situation, so much information is being exchanged on what to do and what not to do despite of the availability of the policy guidelines and any disturbances / discomforts would be cleared for all the members apart from the thread raiser. Even the management is trying to solve the issue in amicable manner.

    Regarding the unhealthy situation, in any kind of set up, under any circumstances, a leader should not be questioned and their decision should be final. Embarrassing situation for them should not be happened. The members who are hurt with the management may approach individually to indicate their concern.

    Our valuable senior members may think that being a new member without knowing the facts, I make comments on the subject or they may also think I am trying to apply butter or lime (the words I read somewhere apart from this thread also) to the management. For me its not required at all. And in this platform, I observe, it is not at all required. What kind of favour one can get in the platform by doing so?

    Everyone is independent in their own passion. Let us have healthy discussion and let us share the opinions and knowledge.

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    I was right; though I wish I could have started my post with Vandana is right. The 7 threads that I brought up in the discussion did not solicit discussions. They were comparable to breaking news delivered on television. I also mentioned 'verbatim'; surely a good content writer should be able to describe the nation's achievement in their own words and make it different from the press release.

    If contributions are the only criterion for gaining 'respect' that prevents threads from being deleted then I'd like to know the definition of 'regular and good content'. I would like to think of myself as being fairly regular at posting content and at posting fairly decent content. I do not think anyone in ISC would contend that. I didn't see the same privilege being accorded to one of my posts. A thread I posted on 7 February was deleted within minutes of posting. My thread didn't receive the courtesy of an 'internal discussion'; it was just deleted. Wasn't I a first time 'offender' who deserved the same treatment that you extend to another member? Why should I not see it as a bias?

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    I can understand your concern. Believe me, we value your contibutions and your genuine complaints are always attended to. Not only yours for that matter, every good contrubutor and senior member's concern is taken care by us and the ME in particular. The said thread was deleted by the editor as it was posted at time when serious deliberations were going in another thread. To be fair enough, your timing of the thread was not correct. I can't disclose the summary of our internal discussion here.

    I tried to clear off your misapprehensions and there is no bias against you. Let us leave this chapter here.


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    You don't have to disclose summaries; what must have transpired, is obvious. It's crystal clear that your decisions are not based on rules, but individual cases. On the one hand, there's mention of no bias, on the other you speak of the timing of my thread. Your Managing Editor weaved a different story on why one of your own ilk's posts were allowed in the forum.

    I empathise with you having to handle this job, of convincing me that there is no bias. There is a parallel thread showing in the forum, on 'words and actions'. That says it all!

    I have nothing more to say.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Ms. Juana,

    How can a most ordinary, below-average Member like Partha can become a part of very high-level internal discussion within ISC? Mr. Patro will be very angry!

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    It was an error, I corrected immediately. Apologies!

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    I was not able to log in through my main id, reason known only to the Admin of ISC. May be they don't like me to post my response in this site. However, I have not done anything wrong but showed them the mirror, I didn't know that they don't use mirror. If they really want to BAN me if this is what they want, I have no objection but they should do it openly, why to hide and then not allowing me to log in? They can do anything when they are sitting with having every right and power as an ISC editor. But I will also like to see if they can BAN their favourite member who often find misbehaving with other members?

    After seeing some response which are trying to correct our beloved admin, I got reminded of a Hindi proverb which says something like this - "Bhains ke aage been bajana"( playing musical instrument in fornt of a buffalo)

    One thing is sure, the more they will misuse their power on me, the more I will come up stronger.

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    Nobody is suppressing anyone's rights to express. But as admins of this site, we have the right to run this in a peaceful and useful manner and we don't want it to be hijacked by a few members. Everyone can have their own opinion on how to run this forum but ultimately, we have to make a call on what is right and what is wrong for this forum.

    As a general rule, we do take actions against senior members when it crosses the limits we have set. There are many cases where we haven't taken any action but just consider it as the cases where not every driver crossing the red lights is punished.

    Suspension from the site is another form of action we sometimes take. And if they try to come back to the site through an alternate account, we smile silently and let them do. Consider it as a scenario like this: A child is making too much trouble at home. Finally, the mother loses patience and pushes the child out of the house. Here are few options :

    1. Child goes away and do not return to the house
    2. Child stays near the door until mother opens the door
    3. Child comes back through the back door, which is left open and the mother acts like she didn't notice that the child has returned.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Mr. Tony,
    Here, in this thread, the mother of the house blocked all its children from entering this house(locked this thread), then she realised her mistake and opened the door(unlocked this thread)and said soothing words to her children(Members). Nice that you unlocked the locked thread to say this to your beloved members.

    ISC mother won't hurt or ill treat her children. But always accept their mischeivous behaviour and enjoy it with some pat on their back to make a back door entry (She willfully keeps the back door open for members) I would say the WM of ISC and the children who choose the point no. 3 are clever and good actors.

    No life without Sun

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    Tony Sir,

    If the mother has smiled enough, with her wrong action, can you please fix my log in account to log in to ISC with my main account.

  • #591291
    Mr. Jeets ,
    I wonder how you are present in this forum and post responses without being logged into ISC. What is main account and other account. Are you having two accounts on the name of Jeets as main account and additional account? I am not clear about it. Can you please explain , Mr Jeets?

    No life without Sun

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    Sun, I know why you asking but this is also true that the members should know it clearly.

    I am not the one who show the world of guts and show their power with their "Fake" name. If I have to fight or want to say something, I will do it with my real identity or name. I have only one face in ISC whether you accept me or reject me.

    So, When I was not able to login with my main account, I registered ISC with other username, keeping my original the same "jeets". I knew some (step)motherly actions are taken. And when Tony Sir narrated the story, I got clear image.

    There are two kind of Mother one is real and one is step (by no means offence to those good hearted step mother). In real mother's eyes their kids are star and moon but in step mother's eyes their step kids are "Chokher Bali" means the Sand in the eyes.

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