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    Why can't the Govt. regulate the number of students carried by private vehicles?

    My daughter goes to school in a private vehicle. It charges exhorbitantly and carries sixteen children in a medium-sized car along with voluminous bags. Earlier she used to go to school in the school-bus. Although the charge is less and the journey is more comfortable in school-bus, the bus takes much more time. To save precious time, my daughter is forced to go to school in private vehicle.

    I witness the same thing in respect of the daughter of my sister. She also goes to school uncomfortably in a private vehicle. My brother's son also faces the same difficulty in Kolkata.

    Not only in Delhi or in Kolkata, I have noticed that even in Mumbai and Bangalore, The private vehicles carry students in over-packe condition. Sometime, we read about unfortunate accidents also.

    Can't the Government limit the number of students carried by private vehicles?
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    At what extend the government will look into this. For your kind information is regulation in the Motor vehicle act,1989 by the government of India. There is limit defined for the public carrying vehicle according to there size. You will also find the various types of vehicle and its limit in the act.

    Then what is the problem?
    The problem is we the people of India. Our is the country where most people disrespect the law? the reason may be varied but it is true. Some of them are for money, to avoid, inconvenience, etc.

    The solution is we should aware about the law and try to implement. corruption and ignorance of our own people lead to such chaotic scenario that you have explained tin your thread.

    Well done is better than well said

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