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    There is a difference between forgetting things really and forgetting things smartly

    The reason I have raised this thread is sometimes I have seen people who pretend to forget something just to avoid doing it. When you ask a person to for something the person might agree. Sometimes he will forget it genuinely. But there are few people who pretend to forget and start their drama as how they forgot when they are reminded. It will be very evident from their acts that they are pretending that they did not remember.
    Do you agree with that?
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    Memory of a person depends on the importance of the matter as well as the time elapsed since the event.
    So if a person is pretending that he has forgotten a particular event or some other relevant data, people can immediately make out and definitely the reputation of such people will go down and they will be labelled as liars.
    Anyway it is very clear that some people resort to such cheap tactics for shirking their responsibilities and escaping from their involvement in other matters. I will term these people as selfish as they use their memory for their own benefits.

    Knowledge is power.

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