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    Who will educate Indian voters?

    India became independent 70 years ago. India became a democratic republic more than 67 years ago. Even after such a long period, Indian voters vote considering religion and caste of the candidates. Indian voters vote for the political parties which distribute blankets, rice, cigarettes and country liquor on the eve of elections. Voters vote in favour of those candidates who arrange to take them to poling booths in cycle vans or in auto rickshaws. Indian voters don't bother to check the educational qualifications and criminal antecedents of the candidates, election manifesto of political parties. Many parties don't even release their manifesto before the elections.

    There is an urgent need to educate Indian voters. But who will start this all-important job? Is it the duty of the Election Commission or of the Government?
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    I request the Members to share their valuable opinion on this issue.
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    It is really disturbing trend that the sincere voters are turned in to a largess mongers by the politicians and just before any elections the voters are being promised and given some gifts which the voters never sought. Voters are getting matured day by day and they cannot be influenced or cornered with free gifts. But the way the political parties are vying with each other and dolling out cash, liquor and free gifts really baffles the common man. Some times I feel that the politicians thinks voters as dog. That means by just throwing some biscuits as gifts and largess, they try to win their confidence. That is bad trend and EC must stop this.
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    Partha, are you justified in posting a blanket opinion about Indian voters? Agreed that there may be a section of voters who can be influenced through various means; but to say that our votes are of no value amounts to demeaning the democratic process as such. There may be people who accept money, liquor or any other thing as bribe and promise their vote for a candidate, but can you be sure that his vote will be for those candidates? (Our votes are though secret ballots). We might have political inclinations and difference of opinions, but I think we do take our right to vote seriously. There may be exceptions but when it is taken in totality, we are really serious when it comes to voting. India has come a long way as a recognized democracy; let us not demean it!
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    I think the maturity of Indian voters is being reflected by the quality of candidates they are chosing-in Lok Sabha, in Legislative Assemblies, in Municipalities and in Panchayats.
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    Yes. Definitely, educating the voters is the basic duty of the Election Commission only of any democratic country. Apart from the Election Commission, all NGOs may take part in educating the voters about the responsibility and value of the franchise.

    About the influence of the voters by various means of free gifts, in the present scenario, the voter is very intelligent accepting all kinds of free gifts from all parties and just casting their vote to a right person, as they feel.

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