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    Do you count stars now?

    No, this is not intended for fun or pun. It is a simple question. During our childhood, sometime we used to go to the terrace at night and sit there for a quite long time. At that time, the air was not so polluted. I learnt to identify the Pole star and the constellation ('Saptarshi Mandal'). If I didn't feel sleepy, I used to count stars and fall asleep within a few minutes.

    Even today, I go the terrace and see the movement of the moon in the sky. I still see the Pole star in the early morning. Occasionally I still try to count the stars. Members, do you go to the terrace and enjoy the beauty of the sky? Do you still count the stars?
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    I haven't tried counting stars from long time. Last time counted stars from SRM University 10th floor hostel. Long time ago.

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    I used to see the stars but never counted them. I used to see the pole star/ morning star (Vidi Velli in Tamil) everyday as my father used to wake me up daily at 0530 hrs and show me the pole star, and ask me to study my school lessons.
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    I have stopped counting stars. I used to do it when I was in primary school. As I grew up, I stopped counting it. Even if I go out now and want to count stars, I am sure many people will be ready to label be as nuts or mad as we will know the reality once we grow up.

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    Partha after reading this thread I went to laughter mode. I really destined to have a home just beside the hills and very big open place. That means there are no constructions for at least one km. That gives me ample space to enjoy the nature like water body, trees , hills and the open sky. When I finish the evening visit to this site, surely look above sky and enjoy the serenity of moon and stars. I always admire the evening star which is bright and near to the earth. But never ever tried to count the stars as that is a foolish exercise. Sky is the big blanket are we are just seeing one thread of the blanket. So understand what I am trying to say.
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