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    When they can do it, why not I, you and we?

    Are you wondering with the title!
    I mean - If the elected representatives of the people, who are ruling us can behave in such a way (look at the happenings in parliament and assemblies) why not I, you and we ISCians behave in this virtual ISC with exchange of words only, whenever a need arises ?
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    In Democracy conflict of interest always prevails. Opposition party wont be happy with the ruling party even if they are good at them. The mood and behavior of the opposition in TN assembly yesterday was to create ruckus and nothing more than that. The way the speaker was surrounded , gagged, hooted surely forced him to take drastic actions against erring MLA's . For that matter we at ISC cannot be compared with those hooliganism behavior. We cross the words to have our firm say and no fist fight. But they are stooping to the level of personal attacks to gain public sympathy. We the ISCians are great.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The scenes of parliament and assemblies are very poor these days.There are n't fair debates.These are platforms of showing powers.But there are some of politicians and legislatures,who behaves well.I have n't seen Ms Sushma Swaraj using unparliamentary languages.We need to follow such leaders.
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    They have government fund to use the floor for non-productive things. But we have limited fund and we like to use our fund, energy and time for productive purpose.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    WM Mr. Tony John,
    I agree that ISC's Article section, AE section, Job section etc are purely productive, but disagree that the Forum section is productive. Forum is like a chat room for members to chat, discuss, argue, quarrel and fight if required. It is a multi-purpose entertainment and recreation room for the ISC members, and also for the editors. We don't raise our voice in Article section or AE section. So, members should be allowed to express their frank opinion, little emotion, little anger, a small little fight etc. ISC Web Master like a mother should enjoy her children enjoying in the ISC Forum.

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