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    According to you what is Conflict?

    Conflicts are something which hinder our decision making capabality in very bad ways, and trying to escape from them makes us more indulged in them. But basically these conflicts can be defined in two ways one is outer and one is inner.
    Outer conflicts may be with a person or a society and which can be easily resolved with the help of family, friends even unknown strangers. But when it comes to inner conflicts it really get hard to cope up with it because it is all in your mind and no body knows it so its difficult for outsider to resolve them and every person have inner conflicts.
    What are your ways to fight inner and outer conflicts?
    Which one do you believe is difficult to handle?
    Do you have any other definition of conflict? Please share
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    The author has raked up a important issue which bothers every one now and then and that is called out conflicts and inner conflicts. Well for the conflicts occurring outside, we cannot be some times held responsible and those who are connected with that would sort out or even settle them without our intervention too. But we should be more concerned with inner conflict which raise in our own person. The conflict of interest is always there in every issue. If the opposite person can able to convince us with good reasoning , some times we get satisfied and pacify our mind and heart. But still we are having some reservations on our own and our thoughts run negatively to various aspects. The best way to tackle outer conflicts is to simply watch as the persons involved would tackle it. As for the inner conflicts , try to be broad minded to keep aside petty issues.
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    Whenever I come across a word like this, I add similar words into the list.
    Like inflict for an example.
    Seeing the similarities between conflict and inflict I would say, "con" as we all know- is to trick a person.
    So conflict as far as my definition goes- is a friction caused by con.
    And how can a conflict be terminated then?
    Confession of the culprit.

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    According to me the conflict is nothing but the mega size misunderstanding comprised with ego in either or both parties. Unless otherwise the leaving of ego either on one side or both the conflict will not get solved.

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    Whenever you are going to perform a task which is related or connected to other persons, conflicts may arise. These conflicts are to be managed with mutual understanding and constructive dialogues.
    Sometimes a person has a resistance for doing a work or has confusions and doubts about it. This is internal conflict and one has to use his wisdom to overcome this situation.
    Actions may have conflicts and they work like corrective measure for follow up actions.

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    Conflict is the situation where two or more parties have a different opinion on the same issue and they are failing to find the common way to the solution. It leads to being more concrete on the opinion, finally, there is a birth of conflict. This conflict may be pleasant or harsh to face. Pleasant when one of the parties is soft to their view and ready to modify it. Harsh when the parties are not in the position to listen to one another and will lead to breaking out. I need not mention the examples of such situation. All can take situation in the TN assembly.
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