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    Immaturity brings success and happiness

    The level of maturity varies from person to person. We cannot expect matured behavior from every one and especially kids. In fact, if we closely observe children and the people who are immature, they always look for the possible ways to taste success instead of thinking pessimistically. Usually matured people behave overcautious, lose patience, overthink, hesitate and reflect a weird behavior. But that is not the case with the immature people or kids; they usually open out their heart and speak out the things that spark their mind. They take every task as a fun and will bring out the best outcome. Being fearless, being straight forward, behaving naturally and having no fear on taking risk are the common reflecting attributes of immaturity. These natures of immaturity bring success and happiness to kids and immature persons.

    Immaturity brings success and happiness- Agree or Disagree?

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    The way I think immaturity it leads to more mistake, but the way immaturity is defined in this thread is really different from the perception of what most of people think immaturity is and defining this way immaturity will definately bring sucess.
    As the way immaturity is defined here the immature person seems to have more qualities.

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    Wow what a good subject brought in by the author. Yes I fully agree with Soundharya that immaturity would bring success and happiness. This attitude we can find much prevalent in children as they are in the process of growing. Due to their capability to understand less and think more, some times the children behave in such a manner that they are one step ahead of others and thus we the adults would be baffled by their natural skills to taste success instantly. But where as we the adults have the ability to weigh each and every move whether it benefits us or not. In that process we may postpone the decision making for a while and the children are not habituated to postponing and thus they achieve what ever they want no matter it is the loss for the adults. By the way we also enjoy the progress of a child even at the cost of some loss or breakages.
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