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    Why irrelevant answers gets paid?

    Not sure if this has observed members this before. I expect answer from owner of site that why irrelevant answers to question gets highly paid. There are some known members who always post non sensible answer to questions. Any visitor to this site expecting relevant answer for same question will laugh by reading those fake answers. There are some gets more paid who written answers in 3-4 lines than members who posted like 10 lines. Have you seen this?
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    In Ask Experts section the response purely depend on the knowledge of the expert and his or her in depth coverage of the question asked. Some are versatile enough to give apt answers in just three or four lines and that would have impressed even our editors. Some have the habit of giving detailed answers with probable examples too. Here the length of the answer does not matter, the quality of the answers matter. Moreover the author who raised the question has the prerogative to question the short or long answer and that is left to their rights. We know this and we are bound with the rules inside.
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    At times, I too wonder about this award of CC to answers. Are all the Editors of Ask Expert section super experts and well qualified to analyse the answers of an expert ISCian and award marks? I would say NO. That is the reason why irrelevant answers are paid by ISC's unqualified Editors. ISC higher ups should answer this.
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    You come out with a specific AE question for which an irrelevant answer was awarded higher c.c than the deserving one. It sometimes happens jumbling of numbers while clicking on the scrolling bar and the editor might have missed to recheck the answer. It happens rarely. But in most of the cases, brief and apt answers are awarded suitably while the length of the answer is not the criterion, a long answer where no strength in it would be given lesser c.c. It is just like an evaluation of an answer sheet.


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    A Forum format Q/A section like Ask Experts is never expected to answer any questions with scholarly quality. Anyone who searches for some answers to his/her question online is aware that they won't always get correct answers and therefore it is their responsibility to use their better judgement to see which answer seems the most logical.
    Therefore, unless the answer is outright absurd or illogical, there is no reason to delete an answer. However, I am aware that if the answers are found by the editors to be not accurate they do delete those. But if all not ideal answers are deleted by the editors there is a chance that members would lose interest in the section and the contribution will reduce. These same members who have given a not so perfect answer somewhere might actually improve with the right guidance and a little push from both editors and other members who are participating in that thread. Hence, the best option would be to delete totally illogical and incorrect answers, give a little cash to somewhat accurate answers and give the best credits to the highly informative and accurate answer.

    One more point, there is no need to be a super expert to analyse Ask Expert questions. A person with sufficient IQ and analytical skills can easily evaluate an answer in the section. We are not working on a Research Institute website here.

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    As Jagdish Sir said, Mr. Avi pleas post the links of those questions specifically where according to you "irrelevant answer" got paid.
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    #591193 @Sun:

    Instead of deleting your response, I am allowing it to continue. It has become a regular feature for you to move the thread off-track by passing sarcastic/derogatory comments on the editorial group. You may be killing your time but diverting the attention of others and making their time wasted. I am openly coming out - I am a qualified AE Editor and have the ability to analyse what is right and what is wrong. ISC has trained me professionalism and our team is doing well to the best of its capability. Don't demoralize their spirit.

    Further, what is your true contribution here? Have you ever attempted AE section? Don't make the editors to go too far? Let us create a healthy atmosphere .


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    Of course, No much contribution from me to the AE section. In the initial years I was much interested and have lost interest in that section. But I go through the section to update myself. However, my response is very clear which is true from my heart. Also it doesn't take us off the track. No worry whether you retain or delete my response.

    My comments are reasonable. If love is thin, fault will be thick, I would say.

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    Well my friend, we all are behind our points right? Even I post in ask experts section. But I make sure always that I knew the answers beforehand else in the worst case scenario at least will be able to answer it after a proper research.
    Because I feel it as my responsibility to not feed people the wrong information and I in turn learn a lot too.
    Yes, I've seen a lot of irrelevant answers too but do believe this- there is at least one correct answer among those.
    And I sincerely apologize if you felt any of my answers were overrated or were awarded with points unnecessarily.

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    Ok since Editor's asked me to be specific I am giving following examples.
    1. Let's take example of this forum itself, member Ankit just paid for irrelevant answer. My question is not about deleting answers. Why Ankit spend time posting his comment about deletion of answer. Please read my question title and content. My intention is to get overpaid specially for non relevant answers.
    2. Dear Editor , please go through this link

    1. Mr. K Mohan atleast wrote 20 lines. Give me single statement in that which answered question and you paid Rs. 6.
    Second comment by Venkiteswaran, for his irrelevant answer he got paid Rs. 3. Still ok since he spend more time to write than Mr. K Mohan but may be his quality was less for writing irrelevant.
    Now comes Indu Singh , Only 4 lines and paid of 5 Rs for not usable comments.
    Only Mahesh at the end posted something which can help to Indian students to understand PM rights but he got paid Rs. 5 only unfortunately who deserves more.

    There could be multiple possibilities this had happened but I am not one to bargain since I am not owner of site.
    Either editor who paid to these members don't know meaning of relevant answers. I am sure other editors are pretty experts in their work except him.Someone might be getting too good with some members.
    For such answers there should be something likes thumbs down or only few points instead of payments.
    Only guanine answers should get well deserve payments otherwise you will see some answering each QA and getting paid. I am not against for answering something each with not sensible comments but getting paid for that. So please think on it.

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    Avi and others, please wait for a response as the editorial team is having an internal discussion on the matter.

    It would be nice if you could avoid allegations like 'someone might be getting too good with some members' which is unwarranted. We are not dismissing a possible error but to say that it was intentional does not sound appropriate. Let us be nice to each other.

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    It is really good that this post from Mr. Avi has caused the Editors to re-consider this issue. I earlier raised the issue and some action was taken in respect of those replies which I mentioned. Now, I hope that some permanent action will be taken.
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    Thank you Avi. That's why I have asked you to post the url instead of making a general comment. I too accept that the second response was undervalued while the third one was approved with higher one. Perhaps you are aware that we have a couple of new editors in the team who are under training and it takes few days for any new entrant to settle down. However, their edits are generally reviewed by Senior editors.

    The AE responses in question would be reviewed shortly. Further, you can't question the authenticity of awarding c.c for a good forum response. Good responses by members are generally be encouraged with c.c as it would be a guidance for others. It is being done in many cases, if you follow the forum threads. I am now locking the thread.


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