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    ISC Articles with less than 500 words

    Dear ISC,
    This is about writing of articles for ISC. It is mentioned in the Article section that the body of an Article should be between 500 and 1500 words,and Smaller articles less than 500 words may be rejected. However, the Managing editor has confirmed that we can write small articles with 300 to 500 words.

    To my knowledge, only the articles regarding recipes can be of lesser length and accepted by ISC.

    I wish to know from ISC and its editors as to what are the other smaller articles which can be contained within 300 to 500 words that will not be rejected by ISC.

    Webmasters, Managing Editor, Lead Editors, Editors and knowledgeable members can respond to this post.
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    Well all articles cannot be mentioned within 500 words. There are possibilities of mentioning some important contents in short and sweet way and that can be rendered within 500 words. One can vent their personal experience on a issue, one can write about their foolishness as to how they lost the money by some tricksters, one can share the table manners, the etiquette of speaking to elders and many more. All these things can be converted into articles and can be written in short form. By giving the fixed length of the article , there are every chance on the part of members to drag the content with unwanted information not concerned with main article.
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    The general guidelines are given so that majority of our content are long, descriptive and add value. We expect most of our content to be long and descriptive and that is why the general guidelines say the articles should be more than 500 words.

    There will be occassions where we think certain topics cannot be extended beyond 300~500 words. Also, there are scenarios where we have to compromise and accept shorter articles because they add value to the site and demanding longer article may result in losing the article. These are exceptions and such exceptions are allowed as per the descretion of the article editors.

    Tony John
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    I must sincerely thank Mr. TOny JOhn for responding to this thread. His response is quite convincing and will be taken as the rule of ISC.
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