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    Yoga is our way of life

    Yoga is our way of life.One should adopt the habit of performing yogik kriyaen. Yoga develops the habit of cleanliness.Cleanliness is necessary for physical fitness,mental fitness and it helps in being spiritually high.What are your ideas about yoga?
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    Yoga has been the integral part of our life since ages. Those who are Hindus and have the sacred thread on the body which is called Yagnopavetham, one has to do Sandhyavandanam for three times in a day. During which yogic exercises are made like Pranayamam , that means closing one nostril and opening the other. While doing this ritual daily even Surya Namaskar is also done which is again connected to Yoga. Early morning Sun rays is good for our body and that is the reason being so newly born children with jaundice problems are exposed to early morning Sun, which is the Yoga part.
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    Alright! The actual Sanskrit meaning of yoga would be "spirituality".
    Humans have two powers-physical and spiritual.
    For centuries indian saints and scientists have devised few exercises which would replenish both body and the spirit.
    They called it yoga shastra.
    Yoga isn't essentially an Hindu element.
    Everyone irrespective of their birth possess a body and a spirit which gets tired easily.
    So yoga is a perfect solution for them.
    But care must be taken that the poses are done right under the supervision of a teacher.
    Otherwise yoga can aggravate your situation.

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    Yoga is our healthiest way of life. I do yoga early in the morning with empty stomach for 30 minutes.take a long breath from left nose by holding the right nose than relieve the breath from right nose by hold the left nose and vise-versa this is called anulom-vilom. another is surya namaskar. Yoga give peace of mind.peace is required mostly to brain.ehen we do yoga our pulse rate and blood circlation became normal.increase lung capacity,increase metabolism. yoga saved human being from many of the disease.As we all know about baba ramdev he is because of praticing a yoga everyday what he does no one can easily does.

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