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    Election commission should award some sum to the voters to ensure 100 percent voting

    Dear Members,
    Presently, whenever an election to parliament or state assembly is conducted, the turn up of voters is between 60 and 75 percent only. We can never expect 100 voting. What I suggest is - To ensure 90 to 95 percent voting, the Election Commission of India should award some sum to the voters after casting their votes. Why I say this because the party with money would pay the voters belonging to their party, and neglect the people favouring the other parties. So, my suggestion to award some sum to the voters would lure the voters to come to the booth and cast their vote and get their dues. This will be an additional burden to the government as more fund would be required to meet the requirement. It should be bearable.

    What is your good comment, please?
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    The idea seems to be a practical way of increasing the voter turn out drastically.
    Only problem is there are many people who are on the go and do not get opportunity to cast their vote.
    Many people have not got their voter cards. So to some extent the issue is of poor governance.
    With good governance and some financial motivation this idea may work nicely.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am not in favor of bribing the voter by Election Commission itself. When EC itself is keeping the special teams to monitor the spending of each candidate during elections, then how come it would spend on voters. Moreover the so called 35 percent voters not turning to the booth are none else than our big rich people of the same area. They enjoy the holiday for the day and never ever think the importance of casting vote. I have never seen Big Industrialists, Big Businessman, Big actors or actress going to the booth and casting vote. And if your suggestion to be taken, these high profile people need not be bribed to bring them to the booth. It is their fundamental duty to chose and vote for the candidate. In fact every rich person must participate and give clarion call to voters to cast their vote and he should also vote.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If that is the case, Voting should be made compulsory and the defaulters should be punished by withdrawing their Aadhar card, Election ID and Ration card. What I suggested is not a bribe but an incentive to the public to cast their votes. The rich cannot be 30 percent voters. It could be just 5 percent only. That's why I said it as 90 to 95 percent omitting the 5 percent big and rich citizens.

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