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    Thank them whom you are thankful to!

    Just a week back we celebrated Valentine's Day. Each of us wished our valentine and spent the entire day thanking them for being by our side all the time. I was thinking that like the valentine of our life, the editors of ISC are also by our side all the time. They correct us when needed, they congratulate us when we are performing at our best levels, they scold us when we are not abiding by the rules. They are no less than our best friends in this forum. They are our guide. We may agree with them or may not, but they only wish well for us. There has been a lot of war of words in the past among the members and ISC editors. Similarly there has been a lot of well wishing among the members and ISC editors.

    But seldom we take the time to thank them for their tremendous help and support to us who were once novice to ISC and today have strived their way with hard work and guidance to being an editor of ISC itself. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have guided me when I went wrong and helped me bring my better self out. For me, ME Vandana Mam, Lead Editors Saji Ganesh Sir and Dr. Apurva for their day and night hard work behind ISC and its members, like me.

    Please come up with your thank yous to the editors of ISC whose guidance helped you becoming a better forum contributor.

    Statutory Warning: Please don't convert this thread into war of words. If you feel that you a want to share your thank you to the rest of the ISCians then please respond here. No need to hurt any member's feelings if you don't agree with them.
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    The editors of ISC are doing an excellent job of checking and approving of so many posts which are seamlessly flowing in the various academic channels.
    It is due to hard work of editors that ISC is steadily going ahead.
    Time to time their guidance is helping all of us. The role of editors is collaborative and corrective. There objective is to get good quality material and to achieve this they will be monitoring us.
    We must understand that editors are working under certain rules and regulations of this site and are not arbitarily responding.
    If there is a point of contention then it can be presented in a amicable manner and I am sure the editors will take in good spirit and try to resolve the issues.
    Let us pay due respect to our editors and work for the overall growth of this portal.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A needed pep up for ISC editors, when all around they are bashed at and criticised.

    In fact just on reading the first sentence, I was thinking of moving away rom he thread. Then the words 'editors of ISC ' in the message body caught my attention and I proceeded to read further.

    Though gratitude is a needed quality for every one, in the case of ISC editors it is not gratitude that they expect. It is the acceptance and acknowledgement of the extra work they put in to sustain the site and the sense of empathy we need to have on them.

    ISC editors never claimed they are omnipotent and omniscient. But it will be only reflecting our on magnanimity and open-mindedness when we acknowledge the editors' work and empathise with them.

    Even in our daily life, it is any time quite easy to say 'had I been in his/her place...". In many cases that is mere self- superiority feeling when actually it may be an outward manifestation of some other feelings like helplessness, jealousy and envy. It is only when we wear the shoe that we come to know where and how it bites.
    Only a mother knows what the labour pain is. For others, they can only imagine and easily theorise on it as if it is a headache or body ache.

    All members of ISC are kind-hearted and humane. So empathy and gratitude are within them. Only that it needs to be expressed when really needed. At least lest us refrain from pelting stones if not voicing thanks.

    I appreciate the expression of empathetic feeling by Joyshree towards the ISC editors.

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    A very good thought to thank the Editors. The question is - Should we thank the Editors who are performing their jobs for ISC? If at all we choose to thank them, to express our thanks and gratitude to the Editors, let us choose a day like the Valentine's day. On that selected day, we will express our thanks to our Editors who have done the good to the ISC and its members with devotion, dedication, love, care and affection.

    Let us name the day as 'ISC EdiMem Day'

    Members can recommend a suitable day to be called as 'ISC EdiMem Day'.

    No life without Sun

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    We, the Members, always thank the Managing Edior, Lead Editors and Editors for their voluntary work. They are doing their job most efficiently despite criticism and despite presence of indisciplined Member like Partha Kansabanik. Without their (the Editors') contribution, ISC could not attain such glorious position.
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    A good positive attitude thread initiated by the Editor and this will prove to be a soothing measure to pacify and convince those members who were not happy with editing works. We do agree that editors are made from the members joined here as regulars and they are given with special training. We do agree their rules and regulations and also the compulsions to have the clean and required content for this site. But at the same time a editor also should feel from the shoes of a member. If any decision needs to be taken against the member, a message for the reason could be always welcome. Unilateral decision without assigning any reason for the err is what the contention of difference between members and editors. Any way we are not that bad to have grudge or hatred on editors. We are too human beings and know the hard work of every editor. From me a big thank to all the editors for keeping this site going.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I agree with Sun Sir that we can dedicate one day to the editors and call it by a special name. We can even organize some sort of special thread based discussion dedicated to only the editors. But for that we would require the approval of the senior members of ISC and our webmasters. I hope our webmasters are listening.
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    Very good thread, Joyshree. I really appreciate you taking the efforts to initiate this thread.

    Recently, ISC has slipped off from our concept of "one family". Hopefully, this thread will bring everyone together as a single family again and bring peace and joy among all of us.

    Dear members, let us work together and bring back the old charm and peace we had in our community. Everyone of you are important part of this family and the family is incomplete if a single person moves out.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Tony Sir, I don't agree with your this statement - "Everyone of you are important part of this family and the family is incomplete if a single person moves out."

    The spoil games are played by your editors and I am sure most of the time you are not aware of what kind of move they do it in the name of "editor's power".

    Personally, I want to solve all issue with the "editors" and move ahead but one lose his/her cool when the bias decisions are made. Above all, if you tell them the fact, they will delete your thread why? Because they don't want to show them their own "fault".

    Yes, every member of this site know that "editors" work is not a piece of cake, they really work hard behind the curtain, there is no doubt about it but they must know that if members are sticking here it is for the "Love" of ISC and they must respect it. The more you show your Bossgiri, member will reply you the same way.

    However, I too Love this site like anyone does and this is why I am here again and too wish for this site to become the best site.

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    Dear Web Master Tony
    Very pleased to see you in this thread to appreciate our dear Editor Joyshree. I must say that ISC family is not divided but united, and will never be divided as long as the earth rotates. We are not a special family. There will be misunderstandings, difference of opinion, silence, noise and voice etc as it is normal in any family. So I won't agree that ISC was divided. ISC cannot function without the members and Editors. The ISC Web master will be over burdened in the absence of editors. Web Masters of ISC might suffer. Without the members, we cannot think of ISC.

    So, as recommended by me and seconded by Joyshree, kindly announce a day like the Valentines day to express our gratitude to the editorial group. On that day, we will join together to discuss only about the editors, to think them, to thank them, to bring out the set backs, problem faced with the editors etc.

    @ This thread deserves some CC to the author Joyshree.

    No life without Sun

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    Thanks for your comments, Sun.

    How about declaring a day as "Editors' Day" in ISC?

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Editor's Day- what will be the focus o that day?

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    Mr. Tony John,
    I welcome your proposal 'The Editors' Day". Hope all other ISCian will hail it. Now let us know when is that day?

    To make it easy without any reference to anyone or anything, I select the following day according to Numerology.

    EDITORS' DAY = 5+4+1+4+7+2+3+4+1+1 = 32 = 5
    So, Number 5 is the selected number.
    Hence, Let us have the 5th Month and its 5th Day as Editors Day

    5th May of the year can be EDITORS' DAY. Is it OK and acceptable to ISC and ISCian?

    No life without Sun

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    Hah.... a very good thread initiated by the author. This is an opportunity to thank all the Editorial board in this section. A big thanks from my side also. Even this thread drew the attention of the webmaster also. Very good to see him here. Without the hardwork put in by the editorial board in this platform, this platform may not be in today's position, I believe. And I observe here, like any other administration job, the editors job here is also a THANKLESS job. I mean, whether some section of people praise, some section of people curse, some section of people scold, and so on, the editors are to go ahead with their job impartially.

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    Like Editors day, there can be webmasters day and members day so that each of us can share the pleasantries and good wishes among one another to bring and have cordial relations.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If there is any day which can be celebrated as Editor's day, it should be on the day when first time the webmasters of ISC selected ISC's first Editor. I feel that would be the perfect day to celebrate as Editor's Day.

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    Thanks Tony Sir. We will definitely work together in ISC and make it shine like today, even in future. When I joined ISC, I was totally an amateur, but waiting to be guided to do something worthwhile. It's been few years now I am with ISC and its been a pleasure with all the support of my other fellow editors.
    Live life Kingsize!

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