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    Honking unnecessarily while driving

    why are we always on the Horn?
    I saw a cartoon feature in Times about an Indian test driving. A joke about the honking!
    The illiterates like cab drivers or school bus drivers are accepted. Because they do not know better. Honking is not the way to control traffic.
    However. the school authorities or the aggregaters should know better.
    Let them insist that their drivers do not honk.
    That will save a lot of noise pollution.
    The second part is about souped up bikes and cars.
    They spew tremendous amount of noise pollution.
    Ban the the Royal Enfields and other high end bikes from our roads.
    Some of them are nightmares if you have an apartment beside a thoroughfare.
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    Yes Gangadharan you have raised a social problem which is prevailing on the roads and even the educated who are at the steering are often seen using the honk often for no reason. In fact I view this problem as the road terrorism. By honking the vehicle user wants to assert his supremacy as if others are not on the road or simply they are driving for their fun. From me I never give side when some one honks for no reason. The other day, when I was standing at the signal, a car rider was keep on honking much to the annoy of me and others. But what to do when the signal is red. He and we have to wait until the signal goes green. Even after that the slow movement of traffic is natural and for that also he kept on honking to give side. That irritated me much and literally stopped my scooter in front of his car and had a argument with him and chided never use honk for fun.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I fully agree with the author. This problem is more prevalent in North Indian cities. This indicates not only lack of driving etiquette, but also bragging off new and expensive cars. This tendency must be checked. The civic authorities must start with heavy fine for unnecessary honking.
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    One more nuisance what I observed that the motor bikes are fitted with car horns of greater sound and that confuses the road user who thinks that a car want to have the side and a bike over takes us. That must be banned. Moreover there should be full ban on horn at places like religious places, schools. colleges and hospitals.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes. The vehicle drivers cause noise pollution to a great extent especially in big cities with heavy traffic. Vehicle should be provided with very mild horns only to avoid noise pollution. The concerned police authorities should check the vehicle horn and warn them with a fine. Small vehicles should not be permitted to fit extra horns.

    I have fitted two horns in my Padmini. One loud horn for the Highway and a mild one for the city use. I use the horn only if it is essentially required to warn the other vehicles or the pedestrians crossing the road. I have a third horn combining both the loud and mild horn for my own pleasure and joy, and for emergency use.

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