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    When you achieved the success, help others to reach that goal

    The secret of wise men on this earth is that they tasted the success with great difficulty and they helped those who are about to achieve the success and thus they have fulfilled the great social responsibility. We think that education we have is subjected to our own want and benefit. But in larger interest the education is imparted to you so that you can be helpful to others who need a little push in their life knowledge wise. So next time when you achieve something, give way for others to occupy the success with much determination and open arms.
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    Yes, i totally agree with the author about the thought that one should help other's after acheiving the desired goal. But in reality when we analyse the situation than one can say it is not an easy task. As it is human tendency that whenever someone tries to help or give advise he is taken otherwise. The things which we get easily are taken for granted and the things which we get after putting our efforts becomes invaluable for us.

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    Achieving success is for self development and helping others is for society. By getting help from us the needy will also get success. This is a good thing that both achieved success and we have role in both the victories. That gives a real good feeling and you will fly high. The other person who got success from your help will also be happy and he will be grateful to you for your help. It gives a fantastic feeling in this achievement. The educated person should understand the happiness in helping others and always try to help the needy. But always see that your help will go to a rel needy person only. You should not donate to a person who really don't deserve. There are some old people who ask for money and when we don't it they will go for smoking or drinking. My opinion is we should not donate to such people and our help should go to deserving person only.

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