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    Put your smartphone aside & say hello to a colleague or to an acquaintance!

    We say that the world has shrunk due to the technological developments. But is it really so? Be it be anywhere, we find people are busy with different type of gadgets and we seem to be forgetting the art of speaking to each other. Heads tilted forward to keep an eye on their smartphones seem to have made people forget the importance of a smile in our daily life. Read on and participate in the discussion to know more about this unhealthy practice.

    What has this little thing, the smartphone, brought this world to? On its knees. Yes, literally!

    While on my morning walk today, I saw three people standing outside a company gate, waiting for the gates to open. Their elbows bent, their heads tilted forward and their hands holding this little thing called smartphone. All three of them were busy in their smartphones probably reading WhatsApp messages forwarded to them or maybe forwarding the messages received or whatever.

    That made me think something - they must be colleagues in the firm and must be knowing each other by face at least if not by name, then why are they so engrossed in their smartphones so early in the day? Where are those days when people used to make small talks with strangers even? People used to make acquaintances, which sometimes blossomed into a friendship and further!

    By all means, we should use our smartphone for communication, send & receive messages, click selfies & photos, send & receive mails and WhatsApp messages and whatnot. But we should not be so immersed & engrossed in our smartphones, that we forget to say even a hello to an acquaintance or to a neighbor or to a colleague. Do not let your smartphone take charge of your life.

    What do you say? Please share your views regarding the same.
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    Before the smartphone, I have experienced this attitude with the TV. In many houses, the TV is primary, and the guests are secondary. The TV will never be switched off. Their attention will be towards the TV. Same is the case with smartphone now. They watch films, listen music, chat with friends, and ignore the persons present.
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    Now people have learned to do multitasking when using smartphone. They can simultaneously talk to their friends, drink water, etc. food ,watch TV etc. all the while tinkering with smartphone.

    No one feels offended because both parties do the same way.

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    There are various ways to look at the scenario outlined here.
    1. Since they work in the same office, they meet often enough, so they may not really want to talk anything as such. They may just greet each other with a quick hello.
    2. They may have had a commute to work (crowded metro, driving a bike) where they could not check out messages, some of which could be important for them. For example, they were expecting a message from a family member or a friend. Maybe they want to check out a particular person's WhatsApp message because these are always cheery ones!
    3. They just don't want to indulge in small talk at all for certain reasons - the others are people they don't get along with; they may not know them so well & don't really want to know them at all anyway; they want to pretend they are checking out their phone just to avoid talking; or they just want a quiet moment to themselves with no chatter.
    4. Not all people are a perpetual chatterbox or are friendly in nature and will start a conversation with just about anybody on any topic at all!

    In the case of neighbours, too, quite often people just don't want to indulge in a conversation with them due to some acrimony or simply not knowing them too well even after staying alongside for many years.

    On the reverse side of the coin - One thing though I have noted that even with people you do get along with, sometimes you will pass the person by and they won't even notice you due to their total absorption in their phone, either head bent or with ears plugged into music. You have to literally step right in front of them and snap your fingers or say a loud hello before they realize who you are!! Even within the home, when all family members come home, there is hardly any conversation. You will be eager to know how the others' day was, whether anything fun happened, etc. Instead, everybody is either on their respective phones checking messages or at the PC, surfing the Net. At meal time too, it will be a miracle if everyone is seated together and actually having light talk alongside eating without everyone constantly checking their phones to see if a message has come in! Why not set a rule in the house to switch of all gadgets at meal time at least? Honestly, conversation has become an extinct species.

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    Right from the intervention of Television into the every house, as said by Mr.Sun, the acquaintance with our co-stander or neighbour has become less. After so many interventions in our life, a big intervention as of now is a smartphone. As the technology is advanced, the life of the society is also getting changed. Previously we used to be in touch with the people within our vicinity and with so important people those who are not within our vicinity. Now the situation is vice-versa. We are not able to make friendship with nearby people but able to make friendship even you dont know them. The world has become a small village because of the advanced technology. People are enjoying their own field of interest within that small village.

    But I too agree with the author, the technology should not drive our life. Usage of the technology should be one of the key ingredients of our life.

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    The scenario that you mentioned describes the changes that society goes through. Change is inevitable, and society has changed over the years. Not just in the recent past, after technology took over our lives, but prior to that as well. It is like evolution. Today the forces that push us and guide us are really not in our control. It would be naïve to think that we can belong in a society and be different. We will be termed misfits, much like the village idiots of the past.

    Our senses say what we are doing is perhaps not right, but we carry on because we are guided by peer pressure. It is all connected. This is perhaps the price we have to pay for technology.

    That being said, I think people do speak. I live close to an IT hub and regularly watch people interacting with each other. The guys you saw could have perhaps travelled together and had their share of conversations during the ride. They could be busy checking mail before getting to the grind. It could be work related mails. I am just being optimistic. You caught a glimpse of just a few seconds of their life.

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    It is really an important issue in the present day situation. Many people are doing like this. Irrespective of educated and general everybody just sitting with their smart phones always. I have seen a friend of mine in his house he immediately on returning from his office gone inside his room with his smart phone and though there are many people in the hall he wont come out till his dinner ready on the dining hall. All persons of his house complaining about his such nature to me and asks me to advise him. In bus, train also I am seeing persons are meddling with their smart phones without seeing the adjacent person though knows very well.
    Though the smart phones are playing a good role in the present era, the usage of the same should be in a limit.

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    Vandana & Juana,

    Thank you for giving your interpretations.

    That "few-seconds" scene was just an example. I have witnessed so many such scenes. I have seen husband driving the car and the wife busy on her phone on the adjoining seat most probably playing candy crush. Do not a wife & a husband have anything to talk about? I have seen youngsters, going for their jobs in cabs, all of them busy on their phones. Do you remember the times when we used to go to school or college in a bus or a train? Did we use to just sit there in the bus and did never talk to our co-passengers or friends or fellow students? Did we not make friends with people traveling daily on the same route? (That made me a bit nostalgic, remembering those college days, the days when I used to travel by bus to Max Muller Bhavan on Feroz Shah Road in CP and .....) (smiling)

    I have seen pillion-riding youngsters taking selfies of the driver & himself. I have seen so many families in cars where every member/passenger in the car is busy on his/her phone, except the driver of course. Does not a family have anything to talk about or discuss? I have seen several such scenes in metro & on roads.

    Over indulgence in the smartphones has lessened our interactions with our acquaintances, friends, relatives, etc. Well, that is what I think and have observed around me.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    The same thing i have what sun said i spent my almost time on television before but when smartphones comes i spent not almost time everytime the mobile is on my hand. interactions with smartphones is more compared to tv. lots of problems occurs when we use a mobile on road. like example: Before few day i see incident a guy something typing on a cell he's looking down in mobile there cow is coming to him so cow is just attack to him and he's got injured because cow does not change our direction. so i recommend the guy don't use phones in public place at time time of driving and also at the time of walking.

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    Very apt observation and that coincides with mine too. Yes the smart phone has literally changed the behavioral pattern of every person holding it and they have become the deaf or pretending to be deaf. The other day when I was calling a person to give me a way, he was just browsing the phone not even heading to my voice and that got irritated and I personally pushed him to side to get the way. Even at home, there is no free time for any to have free and frank discussions. Either the television would be running, or the family members would be busy with cell phones browsing continuously. DOWN WITH THESE CELL PHONES.
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    Very interesting and relevant thread this one and I have also witnessed such scenes where people are sitting together but all are busy with their gadgets online in the virtual world.
    There are always changes in the society but the present changes are technology driven.
    I remember in earlier times if someone forgot to inform people would say that he should have intimated. Today we say - why you have not whatsapped me?
    The deep penetration of smart phones has brought out a cultural change in the society.

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    "Do not the wife & husband have anything to talk about?" I feel a certain calm in knowing that my husband is there beside me, we may be sitting in the same room, and doing our own thing, or he may be driving and I sitting quietly on the passenger seat, watching the traffic, but that in no way can be interpreted as we have nothing to say to each other. That's just an example. I am not refuting the fact that people are hooked to their phones; however, there are other scenarios too.

    I mentioned evolution in my previous post, and technology today is pushing humankind towards a big change. We know for certain that in the past, some languages were lost, along with cultures and civilisations. Something catastrophic must have caused that to happen. Similarly, verbal communication is dying; with digitisation, we are also back to being 'angootha chaap' – we are heading towards a change.

    I think people still make friends with strangers, but there is a certain wariness because strangers cannot be trusted. Growing up I was not constantly reminded to not talk to strangers, but I was paranoid when it came to my child. I'd drill it into her to stay away from strangers. We cannot or should I say we should not strike up a conversation with any and anybody.

    What do you talk to a stranger? I would think people are being nosy if they begin asking personal questions. I am reminded of Partha's recent thread on people discussing their woes with strangers. You see there is a downside to everything.

    I am also reminded of the Jim Reeves song:
    "If ever your life is lonely,
    If ever your're feeling low
    There's one thing you must remember
    A stranger's just a friend you do not know."

    Most youngsters alienate themselves from their parents, it is nothing new. If families do not communicate I think there is a bigger problem and it's not just technology related. We get pulled towards what interests us. Keep conversations interesting and you'll not have anyone look at their phone, while you are with them. As for me, I thank technology and the smartphone, because it keeps me connected with my daughter who's overseas. I am just a tinkle away. So, we communicate and we use the smartphone to do it.

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