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    Good countries of the world.

    There is an organization named as 'good country organization' that rates a country on certain parameters primarily based on which she has made the contributions to the world in the field of security, technology, education and other humanity related contributions. It is just based on one philosophy that in this global competitive world we all need good countries who not only look inward, but also outward to some extent and tend to make contributions to the world to make it better place. Indian is in the sixties and Sweden is flourishing at the top. It is really interesting to see that though the toppers are rich countries, there are also some poor ones who are under top 50. So it's now time to be more good than being happy to make the world, a place better to live in.
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    Thank you so much for letting me know this. It's a shame that this forum wasn't popular.
    Valuable information like this gets shrouded under other trivial forums. It's just too sad.
    So India is in 60s. I wonder who's the first. Competitive examination like this, can make Indians more competitive and passionate. Hope we correct ourselves in the future.

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    I just wonder on what parameters and assumptions or the submissions such data were complied and published. A country gets popular through the people , the way it helps the tourist, the cost of living, the infrastructure, the development in systematic way which improves the living conditions. And all these should happen commensurate with the population growth. I strongly doubt all these parameters might not have been taken before deciding on India's rank which is relegated to 60 plus. I feel we have the best people, culture, hosting tourists in best way, travel and lodging cheaper and above all many places to see and cherish. India is also improving the living conditions of Afghanisthan, Burma, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. So what I feel that India should have been given the best rank taking all these things into consideration.
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    Author might be implying HDI Human Development Index where India is ranking 130 position. It is based on human development , income per capita and various other factors. Norway is in first spot. If this is case then Norway must be giving feeling of Heaven to visitors. It is growing up spot but until education made compulsory it is impossibly. Most of develop countries have punishment if you don't put your child into education and they have kept it free till college.
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