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    When restriction will remove in AE and article section.

    My AE section and Article section will restricted.when restriction will removed completely and can i able to see the new questions approved in AE section.can i able to give answer to the question in AE after restriction.
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    Himanshu, the normal procedure being adopted once a member is restricted from posting in a particular section, due to different reasons including violation of policies, is to encourage the member to post in the sections that are open to him and to watch his progress. Now since your posting rights in Ask Expert and Article sections are restricted, I suggest you to be active in the forum section for a while and prove that you would be posting original and quality contents. You can put up another request after a few months for removing the restrictions. Put in some effort and do well. You can do it! There is nothing to be discouraged about. We all learn through mistakes only.

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    Whatever Saji Sir is very true. Please follow them and I am sure you will be back in these sections contributing valuable resources. But I would like to point out one more thing here. The sentence constructions in your resources are not up to the mark. As an example:
    Here from what you have written, it is clear that you are unaware that the first letter in an English sentence starts with a capital letter. Also, "I" always comes in capitals and not as "i" as you have written in "can i able to see the new questions". My suggestion would be that before contributing to any section in ISC please improve your English writing skills. It is a very important fact in ISC. Otherwise even though you contribute in any section of ISC, your performance will be not satisfactory and won't fetch you good remarks.

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    When you are restricted in Articles and Ask Experts section means , you have erred or made mistakes. For a human being it is common that we over look the rules and posting guidelines and later realize that we made the mistake , but by then the ban would have been imposed and then we realize that , this situation should not have arose. Never mind. Your are regular and great contributor so far. Be active in the forum by raising some good topics for discussion, see that you follow the right grammar, and never make silly mistakes while writing contents here. All these will prove yourself and the ban would be lifted.
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