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    Personal Introduction

    Hi dear members of Indiastudychannel

    I am a new face in your group.I am so glad to join you .My name is Sandeep Purushothaman. I live in Alappuzha,Kerala . I am a post graduate in nursing.I am married and father of a small little angel too.I am passionate in Writing. My hobbies includes reading,travelling, listening music.

    I am thankful to indiastudychannel for registering me free of cost.I looking forward to bulid a good relationship with amazing guys like you.

    Thank you Indiastudychannel. .Thank you once again....
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    Hi Sandeep!

    What a lovely, enthusiastic entry to our family. We welcome you with equal exuberance. Thank you for considering us to be amazing. Many of us here have similar passions as your own. Also, like you, I was thrilled that I did not have to pay to register here and you'll find out too why is the best work at home site .

    Let's discover your writing skills in our various sections as you explore and submit content. Do participate daily in our forum, which is our most vibrant section. Before submitting in other sections though, it would be a good idea to check out these two most useful guides: FAQs and Help Topics.

    Any query about an ISC feature ? Have a doubt about submitting content? Ask in the forum, learn, submit, earn. And, of course, enjoy like so many of us the joys of this wonderful e-platform!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Welcome, Sandeep Purushothaman.

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    Sandeep, a warm welcome to ISC ! The basic guidelines to be followed has already been explained by our ME. Please spend some time to explore the different sections and also our policies for posting contents here. Your introductory post does exhibit your potential and we are glad to have you here as part of this virtual family. Do well and all the best!
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    Sandeep Purushothaman from Allapuzha, warm welcome to this site and you made the right decision to join here that we give the International platform to those who wish to share and write as their passion. You are welcome to share in this forum on any topic that bothers you and there would be surely inclusive performance as responses from other members. Likewise you can create some good articles on your own and post the same in that section. You can share job opportunities and also participate in ask experts section. While you do so, you will be paid for the good content shared and written here on own. As you progress you would know better about this site. One thing is sure we believe in original writing and no copy pasted items from other sites. Your own thoughts, your own imagination and your own content only matter here.
    K Mohan
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    Thank you ISC team for this warm welcome..

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    Welcome Mr. Sandeep Purushothaman to this wonderful platform. Comparatively I am also a new one to this channel. Just 3-4 weeks back only I have joined and with the immense support and online guidance of our fraternity, I could be the Star of the Week within three weeks. So I feel great to get registered with ISC and no doubt you will also have better feeling than me while progressing in this channel. All the very best to you. Hope we will have valuable contributions from you.

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    Dear Sandeep,
    Welcome to India Study Channel. Now you are a member of a reputed educational portal in the web world. Hope you will build good relationship with the ISC guys as assured by you. We too assure you that all necessary help will be rendered to you, and you will be guided as and when required. Wish you all the best, Sandeep.

    No life without Sun

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