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    How to pass your time constructively ?

    Time is one of the most important but illusive element of our life. Every one has it but in different amounts at different times. We do not have plenty of spare time always but there are occasions when sufficient time is at hand and we do not know how to pass it. Sometimes we resort to gossiping, sometimes reading a book, many times just lying down, sometimes visiting a place etc.

    It is said that passing time is an art and surprisingly it is not a easy job to inculcate this art.
    Time is the most precious gift of nature to mankind and there is a difference between wasting time and utilizing time. We must remember that time elapsed is time gone and it is irreversible process. So why waste it and why not pass it in positive activities.

    What is your opinion on this ?
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    Logging nto ISC and reading and posting there is one way to spend time constructively.

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    Being an ISCian, you should not have come up with this question of time pass. When you have time, kindly login to ISC and participate in forum discussion or sit and write some articles and post it in article section. Also canvass your friends who have enough time to join ISC and meet us here. Let us pass and kill our spare time at ISC.

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    Umesh what I feel that for a performer this 24 hours per day is very less and his Dil Maange more hours. That means those who are busy at work, never finds spare time and waste time so as to pass the same other way. By the way we have to create some break for us in the day. Sometimes in the morning, afternoon or the evening. All work and no play brings the life boring. So it is purely our own managing of time for work and pleasure and none can be consulted on this. I make my time planning in such a way that I am available for Family, my work, my ISC and above all for my personal use.
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