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    Sun prepares for selection of best forum ISCian to award

    I am planning to select the best Forum ISCian in a peculiar way. I want members to cooperate.

    As a base, I first wish to know the names of Forum active members according to the members observation. Members are requested to list out the names of those members in this thread ( A minimum of 7 members). After receiving the list of active members from the members, the list will be scrutinized and the final list will be declared by me, and I shall come out with another thread to select the best Active member through secret voting.

    @ The names selected should appear in the alphabetical order to avoid any misunderstanding by the selected active members.
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    Here are the seven members short listed from my side

    Indu Singh
    Ramakrishna Kambambati

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    My names:-

    (a) Mr. K. Mohan
    (b) Ms. Vandana
    (c) Ms. Juana
    (d) Mr. Venkiteshwaran
    (e) Mr. Sun
    (f) Mr. Gagan Ahari
    (g) Ms. Saroja

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    My observation about forum active members as below:

    2. Mohan
    3. Neelam Joshi
    4, Partha
    5. Ramakrishna Khambapati
    6. Ramachandran Pattabhiraman
    7. Saroja
    8. Soundharya
    9.Sun (Self)

    @ I have taken the names of more active members who contribute much to the forums. of my choice.
    @List updated at 1415/21 Feb.

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    Name of members short listed from my side -

    Indu Singh
    K Mohan
    Parta Kansabanik
    Ramakrishna Kambambati
    Umesh (self)

    Note : I am a new member ( for last 2 months only) but after seeing my activity I could not stop myself mentioning my name.

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    Please note everyone - it is Juana and not Jauna. Why is her name constantly misspelled, even by long term members who know her so well?!

    Sun - we will need to confirm with the Webmasters whether this unofficial selection process activity would be allowed.

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    Vandana Madam,
    Okay, Shall wait for the Web Master's green signal, and drop it with a red signal from Webmaster. I have conducted many such contests and awarded. Hope to see a green flag or light from WM. It is Sun's sincere and serious fun activity. No harm to the best or the least.
    You may update your list by adding or deleting the members. I have said minimum 7 members, it can be more than 7.

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    Thanks Vandana for pointing out such a small but serious error. You are very right we must be careful in these things.
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    Webmasters have decided not to involve in this since it is nothing beyond a fun activity by a member. This thread may be blocked at any point of time if we feel this is going beyond a fun activity or causes any other form of chaos.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Very Many Thanks to WM Tony John for liking Sun's fun activity, and for giving a combined Green - Red signal to this thread.
    Members, You may put up your list of forum active members as per your observation.

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    I have received the list from four members only( Mohan, Partha, Sun and Umesh)

    The last date to receive the list is: - 28 Feb 2017.

    No hurry. Take your own sweet time.

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    I am locking the thread as the last date for submission of suggestions has ended.
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