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    A visit to Asola Bhatti Sanctuary

    Last week I was fortunate to visit Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, the only sanctuary in Delhi. We (a group of ten people) went there mainly for bird-watching. We could see black kite, shikra, blue fly- catcher, robin, peacock, bulbul, jungle babbler and parakeets. So far as water-birds are concerned, lake coot and different ducks could be seen. I have seen various other varieties of birds, but I could not recognise these varieties. In addition to birds, I could see nilgais and many monkeys. In fact monkey is a menace in the sanctuary.

    As an inexperienced person and because of the fact that the visit was organised hastily, I visited the sanctuary without notebook and camera. However, I enjoyed the trek inside the jungle. It was organised by Conservation Education Centre (CEC), Delhi.

    Eagerly waiting to visit the sanctuary again during next winter.
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    Mr. Partha,
    Well, you visited the sanctuary that you wanted to visit. What is there for discussion other than some appreciation? In which way the thread benefit the ISCIan, especially me staying in the southern part of India? It is just an information, nothing for discussion. You could have submitted this as an article with little elaboration and adding some masala to it.

    What is your point for discussion?

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    Visiting a sanctuary is the great attitude as the author found it important to be with nature for a while in spite of hectic life daily. Though you may not have carried note book or camera to record the happenings there, you should have definitely remember what ever seen , what was your first impression on seeing some rare birds, how the sanctuary is maintained and what are your suggestions for improvement. All these things cane be made out as an article as the summer is approaching surely Delhi people and nearby areas people would certainly visit such places for education and nature loving.
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    Mr. Sun: I feel that there is plenty of scope for discussion. If you are really interested in wildlife, you could have easily mentioned your experience of enjoying the nature's glory in a forest. You could have discussed different types of birds which you have seen in your locality. You could have discussed flora and fauna of forests of Tamilnadu. You could have discussed the precaution necessary to visit a forest. Only if you have interest!

    For your information, I have written an article on bird-watching around Delhi, which is yet to be approved. However, unfortunately, the article is without much 'masala'.

    I always save my precious 'masala' for my creative writings.

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    Mr. Partha,
    In that case, you should have put up a query at the end for discussion. It could be simply "What is your opinion or comments about the birds I have seen/ the nilgais monkey I have seen/ have you seen a monkey in your life/have you seen the birds in other sanctuaries etc etc etc." Please write to invite discussion than ending it with the words -Eagerly waiting to visit the sanctuary again. This is not an invitation to discuss.

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    Mr. Mohan and Mr. Sun: Now my article has been approved by ISC administration. Both of you can read this article. I am giving the link below:-

    Bird-watching in and around Delhi

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    This thread is being locked now as the sanctuary about which this thread has been raised is included in the article by the author to which the link has been provided. Happy reading!
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