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    Disrespect to parents is equal to illiteracy

    A person may be highly educated with knowledge and intelligence. But if they do not know how to respect their parents, they are nothing but equal to an illiterate person.

    A person's parents could be illiterate and poor who work hard and sacrifice their life to get their wards educated and employed. They dream of their wards becoming highly educated and employed to overcome their poverty, and care for the interest of their wards.

    But there are persons who ignore their parents after getting educated and employed. They disrespect them and do not care them. They ill treat their parents, use abusive words, insult them in the public, and don't care them at all.

    I would call them as an educated illiterate person. What do you say?
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    Nicely said by the author. I have seen many boys after getting good education from the parent and with their luck and push by the parent again they gain entry into foreign countries to study further and settle there itself. In the melee they forget the parents , their aspirations and wants. The boy asks the parents to sell the house and come there. But that is not liked by parents. Like this many parents are living in silence with no contacts from the son for many months and thus they are forced to be admitted in care homes with their pension and other savings done during their life itself. If the son does care the parents that is waste of life for ever.
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    I fully agree with your point Mr. Sun. Education is not just reading books, memorizing large paragraphs, scoring good marks in exams and graduating from college with a degree. A person who knows how to respect others and have good knowledge on culture and moral values is the real literate in a society. Many people give more importance to hold a modern degree behind their names and fail to follow moral values. In the modern society, people forget easily about the sacrifice made by their parents and are concentrating more to fill their pockets. The seed for a child's education is sown by parents but after the seed becomes a large tree it should never forget its origin and growth. Each and every person must thank their parents for giving a wonderful life and education. The best way to show gratitude to parents is by giving respect, showing love, care, affection and always making them happy. If an educated person fails to show gratitude to their parents, then of course such persons are illiterates in the society.

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    Sun, you have provided a very thought provoking thread to us to discuss and I fully endorse the views of members so far in this thread.
    What our parents have done for us is beyond comprehension and it is not possible to asses it or quantify. There are cases when parents have sold their property for the higher education of their children.
    We can not repay our parents but at least respect them and be courteous to them. They may look uneducated and old fashioned but they are our parents.
    Every person gets old one day and if our children do not respect us or do not care us it will be a big mental shock and torture. So let us give due honor to our parents and create a positive culture in our home so that tomorrow our children are also nurtured in that environment and learn from us how to treat the aged parents.

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    Yes everyone should respect their parents whether a son or a daughter. What parents have done to us is always beyond what they can. They cross all their boundaries to keep us happy and satisfy all our needs. They always to their best to give us a best education. What ever we are today is because of our parents and we should always be grateful to them. We should never forget their sacrifices and we should always be grateful to them. Most of them these days forget what their parents did and behave as if it's their hard work for which they are successful. Everyone should remember that because parents supported them, their hard work has been paved. Otherwise without parents support, they wouldn't be able to do anything.

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    I agree with the author that one must respect and care for his parents. But I feel that something is not right with the title in that, does it not give an unintentional hint that those who are illiterate do not respect their parents? I understand that what the author wanted to convey was that there is no point in being educated if you do not know how to love and respect your parents or if you insult or abuse them. But to draw a comparison with the illiterates in such a context does, I think, leave some food for thought.
    Please do not confuse my opinion because my intention is not to criticize but to express an instant feeling I got while going through the thread.
    Members may please continue with the main thread.

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    Those who disrespect or insult parents are not only to be treated as illiterates but something beyond that. They have to be expatriated from the society. Recently I read a news item that those who are not taking care of their parents are to be suspended / dismissed from the govt. job. Such stringent actions should come into force to eradicate this kind of problem.

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    Those who disrespect their parents are not illiterate, they are inhumans and sub-humans. They don't have any human qualities in them. Literacy is not related to this inhuman attitude.
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    I do not subscribe to the title thought that 'Disrespect to parents is equal to illiteracy". Not at all. Illiterate have their core native values and they show respect not only to their parents but to other humans.
    My maternal grandmother who inculcated basic core values in me was illiterate and had never gone to school. But she drove into me the requisite core values like respecting parents, elders and others in general. She enabled me to form my basic character. So I am of the firm view that let us not de-value the value awareness of illiterates.

    Sometimes formal education interferes in the native values and wisdom and may corrupt some. That is why we can find even well educated persons not showing due respect to elders, and one's own parents and thos ewho deserve respect.

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    I agree as many of the people reading this post will also agree, the author has really said it nicely as I too think that people who don't respect their parents, so what they are educated or any kind of named personality in their society but in real sense if they don't respect their elders then I too will call them as illiterate and they have to learn more to become literate.
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    Mr. Partha and Venki,
    In addition to being inhuman and sub- human, despite their education and holding many degrees to their credit, they are the most illiterate who doesn't know ABCD of the life. Hence, we call them educated illiterate which is far inferior to the illiterate who is better than such educated illiterate.

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    Yes ,youngsters or youth still talking in loud voice and dissrespect with our parents. its not only because of illitracy, it is also because of manners which are get in by the parents from starts. parents responsible for secure the child with his bad friends.we are because of parents, well educated person understand how our parents earned and save money for my higher education they do hard work for me, for our successful life.our parents is first inspiration if parents illitrate and fight at home at the front of child than child behave same behaviour same manners,it will continous.

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    I read in early period newspapers a son went for fight and even to the level of killing with a person who disrespect his parent. But disrespecting parents by their own son is intolerable and cannot be digested by any one. Such a person is a blind though having two eyes. His total education and total wealth earned were become a waste and he himself a waste to the society but he may be honored in HIS society. In tamil there is a saying,Per solla oru pillai, which means we should have a son to tell our name in this world but present children are calling their parents by their name. every such children forget one thing that the same will happen to him also in future.

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    If you disrespect and ill-treat your parents, no doubt, you will also be ill- treated by your children. There is a good old story to tell you. There was a King who kept his father in jail and was feeding him in an earthen vessel. This was observed by the King's son the future king. One day he went to his grandfather and asked him to break the earthen vessel. The old king did so. Then the princess cried and came to his father. The King asked,"Son, why are you crying, what is the matter? Son replied,"Dad, Your father has broken the earthen vessel in which you were feeding him." King said,"Doesn't matter. I will get a new one for him." Son said,"No dad No, I wanted the same earthen vessel to feed you when you grow old and when I become the king." The King was astonished to hear this sound response from his son and realized his mistake of ill-treating and disrespecting his father. .

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    Education makes us physically fit,mentally fit and spiritually high.Being successful means not maintain g a distance with parents.The young generations forget the value of their parents in their lives.So they are n't achieving a lot.The persons who achieve a lot never forget the persons ,who are in their roots.Some of successful cricketers of India showing their regards towards their parents in the fields also. Sachin Tendulkar always saw the sky bowing his head.When commentator asked him about this,he said it was my father's dream that I am a cricketer,he is no more
    I show my regards and gratitude towards him .Sunita William accepted ,what I achieved ,achieved due to parents dream.She came India visited the school,Where she studied, village she was born and paid her gratitudes.

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    Parents are living Gods. What we are today is because of our parents. The hardships they have taken to bring us up are not known to us. To give us food they might stopped eating one time a day. They never care for them to bring us up. So an illiterate or literate, if he is not respecting his parents he is not a human being. Many persons may say that I am sending this much money to my parents. If one feels that giving money to parents is that all. they are inhuman. In the old age they expect us to take care of them and they like to spend some quality time with them. So everybody should spend quality time with their parents.
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    I agree with your views and the so called educated one should not forget how those illiterate parents have spent their days to make to stand in the place today. But unfortunately, I find many people after reaching some respectable position, they find embarrassed to introduce their parents to others. The proud parents take a hide or slowly slip away from the scene. Some other category are there who feel that they can spend more for their parents to keep them in old-age home so that they can have their liberty. This is the state of affairs of some old people today.

    As you said, we too have our day and repay the coin. Unfortunately, it is forgotten while treating the parents!


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