Pursuing education with real scope and interest

Many students in the present era are very smart in decision making about their studies and at the same time they should keep one thing in their mind that the decision should be firm. A boy to me known very well from his childhood, took physics as major in his graduation as well in his post graduation and he succeeded the courses with good marks and he involve himself in Research also. But to the surprise I saw him last week in Chennai and when I asked him about his research, he made me to shock that he left every thing and joined as a clerk in a Nationalized bank since last two months he is working in a branch at Chennai. His reply is further made me to shock as the bank job gives much security, less hours of working, dignity etc., and further the marriage market the value goes only to such people not for research scholars. Though he is practically alright, his all efforts on studying a good volume of science and his total interest gone waste. Similar things are unknowingly happening daily in our society as many engineering graduates joining in some normal humanity side jobs without knowing the efforts they put for their engineering graduation and the money spent by their parents on their education.