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    Precious value of mother

    I read in one tamil magazine about the writing of Former Tamilnadu Chief Minister (late)Ms.Jayalalitha, who lead his life as cine actress also. Her mother Mm.Sandhya was also a great cine artist in those days. According to the article, I read, Mm.Jayalalitha gave a Greeting card to her mother on her birthday with a poem as:

    to my dear mummy……
    if you have a mother
    treat her value
    till you see her empty chair….

    The lines are though very short in size the meaning is immense. On reading this, I just remember my mother instantly. Her value is not visible till her seat become empty.

    Aadhi Shankara wrote Mathru panchakam which consists of the entire difficulty faced by a mother to make her son to grow. Each and every line is precious. Mothers are always incomparable.
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    The Mathru Shodasi Slokas containing the importance of Mother and her difficulties written by adhi shankara is attached herewith.


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    Great piece of contribution hailing the mother and her great influence in every ones life. No body can equal mother and she is the one who care for the child right from the birth to even grown up years. When ever our PM takes time to meet his mother, I really get over joyed to be in her shoes. For the rest of the country, Modi is PM and for her, he is the son. She can beat him, chide him. get annoyed or even cajole him. That is the superiority of the mother. No matter when some children are bad in the eyes of society, the mother of same children would definitely defend them as the best.
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    Mother is the best and most precious gift from Almighty God. Because of our mothers, we take birth and grow up. Mohter's absence can be felt by those who have lost their mothers early. My father lost his mother (my grandmother) when he was only nine years old. Still today (he is now almost 86), he feels her (my grandmother's) absence.
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    We are firmly bound to our mother with an unseen thread that came in existence since we took birth from her womb. Father is the seed of a child but mother is one who gives birth and takes all pains associated with it. The mother feels as if the child is a part of her own body.
    The importance of mother is every where. In all mythologies as well as all cultures.
    We have a mother tongue and a mother land because we have a mother.
    Mother is very important in our life. She had nurtured us when we were child. We have learned many things from her in the beginning phase of our life. She was always there to help us when ever we were in difficulties.
    We can not forgive what mother did for us . She is a great gift of God to us.
    Some one well said - 'A mother can take the place of anyone but no one can take her place.'

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    A very heart touching thread thrown by the author. MOTHER, the word itself gives immense pleasure to one's conscience or soul. The feeling itself is immortal. One cannot measure the value or worth of a mother. It is something beyond that. For everyone, mother is supreme, despite of her character in the society. Right from conceiving, a mother starts to care about her baby till her last breath.

    To prove the beyond the value of a mother, I quote here a small story: Once upon a time, to fulfill his wife's desire, a man asks his mother to give him her HEART, the most vital organ of a human body. The mother happily accepted to give her heart for the happiness of her son and while bringing her heart in a small box, he fell down on the road by hit of a stone. He searched in hurry about the heart and while searching, he heard his mother voice from that heart saying, Beta...take care of fell down. He started crying at that time by experiencing the real love and affection a mother.

    So mother is a person who is not all comparable with anything in the universe.

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