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    My vote has power and to vote is my duty

    We are the largest democracy in the world. Every citizen above 18 has a right to vote irrespective of religion, cast and gender. We vote and choose a Government. But after we vote our right ends. After a Government is formed most of its time is consumed in affairs not related to Government. Our chosen representatives pay no attention to our problems.
    As a citizen what do you think we should do to make them accountable.
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    India is the largest democratic country, it is true. Anybody above 18 years can vote and elect their leader. A voter has to vote according to his thinking who is the best among the contestants. What are the aspects we have to look into it for casting a vote in one's favour. Somebody says I will vote for my caste, another will say I will voter for my friend and many says I will vote for the person who gives me money and alcohol. This is the awareness in the voters. When you have voted by already getting a favour from him you don't have any right to question him. Hence I feel there should be change in the voter's mind. Otherwise we can't make them accountable.
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