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    Should we trust on horoscopes called janam kundli in india?

    Is astrological birth chart is truth. Is really everything is written in horoscope is truth. how astrological birth chart made by astrology.
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    To some extent astrology is true if the astrologer really have knowledge. We can niether completely deny or completely rely on asteology and horoscopes.Relying completely on astrology and start believing everything horoscope tells leads to superstion.
    It depends on the way a astrologer understand and interpret a horoscope and his knowledge.
    Astrology is also a form of study and science the only need is to understand and interpret it properly.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Problem with astrology is that if it turns out false then people back out saying, one needs proper knowledge to understand and explain the person. It's same gimmick as cults use for justifying second coming of some god or those millennium rapture cults which choose people in their cult.

    Here's one experiment we did. I used my cousin's kundali to find out about his future.

    1. Astrologer one : Took no money from us. Astrologer said, He'll have a lot of wealth till his age of 70. He'll get good wife and end up in happy family.

    2. Astrologer two : Charged 500 Rs. He said, my cousin has some business issues and he may lose a lot of money. His family life is going to be good. And everything will be normal.

    3. Astrologer three: Charged 1000 Rs. He said, cousin needs to do puja and stuff in order to get rid of dosha of some planets. And he is having woman issue (in reality my cousin was the problem not the woman). And he also suggested expensive pujas to get rid of dosha.

    Reality : My cousin committed suicide in 2010. And he had financial issue. Family issue and also lot of other problems which were not mentioned in the kundali. So you can guess almost every jyotish we take the kundali to is basically not even sure if the subject has any life line upto specific point. So any speculations made by them is as good as conspiracy theory we read online or newspaper.

    Another instance:

    My sister at the age of 29 had divorce and almost every jyotish we went to told her that she'll not remarry and may suffer a lot in future.

    Reality : My sister got married at 36. She is settled in US and has a child.

    In short never ever believe in Kundali for your marriage, finance, job, kids and future. You'll be fed lies and hopes and speculated cooked up stories.

    Only thing I didn't tested as of yet is Nadi bhavishya thingy going on these days. Lot of people think it is true but I kind of doubt it. I will try that one out.

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    When ever discussions on the astrology is being triggered in this forum, there would be mixed response and not the favored response because the astrology predictions might have gone wrong in case of many members personally. What I bet or even challenge that astrology predictions can never go wrong if you have the initial information like time of birth which is very important, date of birth again very important and place of birth which is also important. If these all three things are noted during every birth of a child by the parents, preparing the perfect and apt Kundali of a person is possible and that happens too.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Astrogy was developed by our ancestors by observing the movement of planets in different constellations and its relation to a person as it is believed that the position of planets at the time of his birth will be the deciding factor for his horoscope.
    This is not only in hindu mythology that horoscope is there. In other countries also this is there in some form or other.

    Now coming to the authenticity of this. Scientifically speaking, astrology does not come in the category of physics, chemistry, astrophysics, astronomy, biology etc. However It can be categorised with palmistry type of methods where unfortunately a lot of subjectivity is present.

    It is very difficult to accept that astrology predictions will be true in all cases even if every record of birth is correct.

    My intention is not to offend someone's belief but these things more go in belief rather scientific base. It is like homeopathic medicine - it may work, it may not work.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This one of the topic frequently discussed by people.

    The more stake one has ,the more faithful, believing and conforming one becomes.
    Beggars does not have much stakes except the need for next time food. He has nothing to lose and only to gain.So he ill not have any faith in astrology or some similar maters of faith and belief. However a producer of a big budget movie has a large stake. So he will try to visit an astrologer, get auspicious time to start, conduct puja etc.
    Personally though I do not visit astrologers for anything and everything or refer all the 'this week for you' columns, personally I am of the opinion that astrology can give some hints about our future. This is so if the horoscope or janma kundali is cast correctly, is interpreted by a well experienced astrologer who doe not compromise for gains.

    A knowledgeable and sincere astrologer will first counter check and verify correctness of the horoscope. There are many methods for that. Only after that he will go for interpretation and prediction. One should not believe those who predict by just having a glance on the horoscope. It needs many laborious calculations, eliminations and filters.

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