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    Spotted the International Space Station

    I saw the International Space Station (ISS) this evening, as it crossed over Chennai. It was easily recognisable, as it sailed across the sky, from the NNW direction towards the SE. It looked like a bright star, much like the planet Venus. It took approximately 6 minutes to cover the distance, from one end of the horizon to the other.

    The ISS can be spotted on various days, until 5 March 2017. Most times it orbits low on the horizon, so it cannot be spotted easily, even on a dark night. However, there are a few days when sighting it is still possible.

    To get the exact time when you can spot the Space Station over your city you can check the NASA website. Enter country and location to get the details.
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    It is an interesting information for me! I would be grateful if Ms. Juana kindly describes the shape and colour of the Space Station in more details. Isn't it visible from other parts of the country?
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    It is orbiting around the earth and should be visible from all over the world. However, like I said, its approach is different at different times. You may not be able to see it if it is low on the horizon or of course, it's crossing during the day.

    It looked just like a big bright star, like Venus, in the sky. You can watch it on 1 March at 5:43 hours crossing over Delhi. It will appear in the SSW and move towards NE. Look out for it at an approx 63-degree angle from the horizon.

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    I am very much interested in space related subject. Unfortunately nowdays I can't able to see open sky in the night. But I would not like to miss it whenever it will cross over my City.

    Thank you for this interesting thread. I will check it out the date and time for my place.

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    Yes when I was returning home along with my son at about 7 pm, we could see some bright star moving. First I took it as evening star but when that is there in static form, this one was moving. Now I could understand that it is International Space station. Thanks for the information.
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