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    Why more cesarean pregnancies than normal happening nowadays?

    In India there is lot of chances that woman having cesarean pregnancy than normal. Now most of time it had happened that doctor had told husband that they don't have choice other than doing cesarean. Even though couple had planned for normal ultimately it lands into cesarean.
    We all know that woman suffers lot by having those cesarean marks. There are very finger count doctors who are confidents to do normal pregnancy delivery. People think cesarean is performed more because its cost is more than normal so doctors or hospitals for earning compel to do it. Why more cesarean pregnancies than normal happening nowadays?
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    For this I would blame both the pregnant woman and the doctor. In olden days when the woman is pregnant she was used to do all the house hold works such as washing clothes, washing utensils, cleaning and mopping the floor, and above all cooking. All these exercises make the pregnant women ready for a normal delivery even at the home itself without the help of doctors. Just village thaya would be enough to see the delivery. And coming to the doctor, they are on the prowl of earning money no matter the patient is rich or poor. For them suggesting cesarean operation would fetch them good money than normal delivery. For the nursing home too cesarean means the patient as to stay for three or four days and hence they get the benefit of room rent. By the way in order to have the baby delivered on good day or be born on good star at good time such operations have been created for the convenience.
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    No doubt at all, one side of the coin is to squeeze the money as much as the hospitals can do it for their existence, as Mohan sir said. The other side of the coin is utilizing the advanced technology by the human beings. Women are not ready to get deliver the baby with much pains. Cesarean is one of the easiest ways with less pain comparatively with normal delivery and with sentimental touch too, they wanted to have a baby on a particular date and time. With normal delivery they cannot have a baby as per the time they wanted. Every thing can be planned with such procedures.

    Moreover, right from conceiving, proper precautions are being taken nowadays rather than the olden days and as a result the birth rate of healthy babies are increased. So the doctors as well as the to be parents are also preferring to have a healthy child without any risk.

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    Today our life style is changed drastically and we are going away even for small things from natural remedies to modern medicines. We can not tolerate headache even for a small time and without waiting for our body to heal it we are swallowing analgesics.
    Under this scenario a pregnant woman is always doubtful about the delivery whether it will be normal or sciserean and the maternity hospitals take advantage of parents weakness and insist and peruse for the operation.
    The commercial angle has killed the art of nurse aided natural delivery.

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    The lady doctors prescribed too much protein rich powder and capsules,these help in increase of size and weight of the babies in mothers' ovaries.When the size and weight increases,normal delivery is n't possible.Some times lady doctors advice the patients complete bed rest.This make the patients inactive and lethargic. Then the normal delivery becomes impossible.
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    We want everything fast and instant. No one has the real patience to wait and makes things short cut.
    It is also felt that there is some commercial interest for the hospitals to go for caesarean deliveries. There are some really valid and justified cases also where caesarean delivery is required.

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    We can see most of the rural ladies have normal delivery while most of the urban ladies have cesarian babies. This is mainly attributable to the physical exercise of the lady for normal delivery and the lethargic attitude of the urban ladies who do not prepare themselves for normal delivery. The age also matters. Aged ladies are prone to cesarian operation. Further, Hospitals have become a money making business centre to earn money through cesarian operation. Also, the peoples' crazy to deliver the baby on a particular day with a good star at an auspicious time as suggested by their astrologers..
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    Many doctors don't wait until the normal delivery happens and they suggest cesarean even for silly things just to earn more money. Also women these days do not have the bearing capacity. They fear to bear the pain of normal delivery and request the doctor to do cesarean directly even without waiting for the labour to start. To be frank, being an expectant mom even I am planning to go for cesarean if I don't get painless delivery option at the time of my delivery.

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    Only today I came to know from the Television news that from now onward the pregnant women can make complain to the government on the insistence of Cesarean section by certain doctors and their names can be complained so that the government would take appropriate action immediately. This is really a great move and helpful for those poor patients who cannot afford costly cesarean operations elsewhere in the private hospitals and thus this new rule would prevent the private doctors for wrongly suggesting operation and make money. This new information should be shared with all.
    K Mohan
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    Pelvis plays an important role in birthing a child. Obesity is plaguing our country today.
    India is the third most obese country. Obesity leads to pelvic problems.
    It is clinically proven that Gestational obesity leads to Cesarean section. Worse! Obesity leads to miscarriage. Premature births, birthing of larger than usual babies, preterm births are all caused by obesity.
    Women should take care of their bodies atleast during pregnancy.

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    There is a fact that a human body can bear maximum pain around 45 to 48 del ( del is unit of pain bearing here) of pain which is equal to breaking of many bones together but while giving birth to a child a mother bears 57 del of pain.
    So in many cases it is fear of pain also which is making more and more women to tend towards cesarean rather than normal delivery. And also because of the totally different food habits and living condition today human body has also evolve in much different way and complexity of child birth also getting increased with such changes in surroundings and food habits of women.

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    Generally speaking normal delivery option is the most natural way of giving birth to a child but today because of advancements in medical sciences the safe and easier option is being preferred.
    Moreover due to commercialization doctors mislead their patient's and in the process earn handsome amounts.

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    Giving complaint about the doctors to the concerned official may be correct but it is not possible practically. Many doctors are for money sake, doing cesarean for normal cases. It is clearly seen in many cases openly by us. But in some areas some doctors are there with open mind about the normal or cesarean. In our area one doctor is there she never undertook cesarean cases in her hospital and permits only normal cases with nominal fees. When the doctor found the necessity of cesarean case in her clientele she suggests some other doctor with recommendation. She used to say that if the doctor is being consulted regularly by the pregnant lady since the pregnancy there are very rare chances only to convert the normal one into cesarean in the last stage.

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    In my opinion, there are three major reasons behind this alarming phenomenon. The first one is that generally ladies don't want to bear pain for a longer period. The second reaon is the physicians often insist on Caesarean section from commercial consideration. The third important reason is that due to sedentary life-style and marriage at comparative higher ages, the pregnant ladies face relatively more complications causing Caesarean delivery. However, in this connection I would like to state that a baby from normal delivery becomes for healthy than Caesarean baby.
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    In olden days ladies generally were doing lot of hardwork. Bucketing water from well, cooking food on ordinary ovens with firewood, manual flooring of rice, manual grinding of pulses etc. they were giving birth to more than5 children those days. No Caesarean. Normal deliver. I know ladies who delivered 10 times. All times normal delivery only. But now a days the life style has changed completely. All household works are carried out with machines, no manual labor required. To keep up their physique many of them will start dieting. They will not have any strength to bear a small pain also. Hence many are preferring caesarean.

    In a country like India a person ,to become a doctor , has to spend lot of money. So he should recover that money with escalation factor. So many,not all, will try to see how to get more fees and charges from the patience. Hence they also recommend Caesarean.

    Now coming to the hospitals, corporate hospitals always want highest occupancies. Hence they also prefer Caesarean.

    All the three parties involved want the same and hence percentage of Caserean babies are more now.

    Another attraction in Caesarean is you can decide the date and time of delivery.

    But it is not good to go for operation. One should try for normal delivery only. Normal delivery babies are proved to be more healthy.

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    Mostly womens goes for Ceaserean C section because of less pain. there is a risk of choosing natural birth. I have heard from neighbours and colleageus which are go for natural birth and then they have ended up going through a traumatic time than its to good to go with ceaserean. we have a to pay more for ceaserean to doctor compafed to natural birth. this is not important actually important thing is baby arrived safely and healthy.

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