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    What are you planning to do for your mother language on International Mother Language Day?

    Today is 21st January. Today is International Language Day. On this day in 1952 the students of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) started immediate protest against Pakistan's policy of forcing Urdu on Bengali students. Many students were killed in Dhaka while the police fired on students. On that day, the seed of an independent Bangladesh was sown.

    On this auspicous occasion of Mother Language Day, I would like to know how the Members are planning to celebrate this day. I will celebrate this Day by reading Bengali literature as much as possible. I will teach my daughter about the great legacy of language she carries. I will teach her about the greatness of Bengali language.

    Members, how are you going to celebrate International Mother Language Day?
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    First of all I thank Kansabanik for reminding all of us for mother language day.
    Actually mother tongue is something which is embedded in the mind of a child since his journey starts to this world from the womb of his or her mother.
    A person can learn many languages but the charm of mother language remains throughout the life.
    I have a habit of reading and now as I am spending some considerable time in ISC, my reading hours are reduced.
    Though my mother tongue is hindi, most of the readings online is in english.
    Now today I will be spending some time to read hindi book and hindi magzine to celebrate the mother language day.
    If possible I will exchange hindi poems with my friends.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I have planned to speak Tamil, only Tamil on this day without mixing any English or any other words. I will ask my whole family members to follow me.

    It is only speaking but not writing. I cannot avoid writing English as I will have to be with ISC on 21st January.

    "Shenthamizh Naadenum Pothinile
    Inba Thaen vandhu paayuthu Kaathinile"

    (When we hear "Great Tamilnadu", we feel that
    Sweet honey is poured into our ears)

    No life without Sun

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    Good that a day has been allocated to remember our own mother tongue and surely every body would appreciate and have a talk of their own language on this day without mixing English words in between. Normally we are having talks in the home in our language Tamizh only, but some English words are also used in between to have easy understand and no doubts. But at least on this day we wish to talk with our children with pure Tamizh words which are now available for every English word. For example the cell phone can be referred as Tholai pesi, like wise plate can be referred as Thattu, evening can be told as Sayangalam and so on. All these words are even known to our children but in the flow of language we often use the words in English and thus Importance to Tamizh has been neglected which wont happen from now.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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