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    Today's babies are smarter than Yesterday's

    Today's babies are smarter than yesterday's.It is all due to advance technological development in education.When I was a child ,I only used to rote .Many naming words which were introduced by teachers were n't understood by me.These days students are taught through smart classes.They study in detail and they know a lot.
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    Yes the babies of present era are very smarter than we were in our childhood. My mother used to say me that until she finishes the washing the clothes which may last at least 30 minutes, she would ask me to sit at one place and I shall oblige. Can we expect such kind of cooperation from today's child, no way. The children are born with over intelligent quotient, they are smarter in their behavior, they can easily differentiate the liker and hater inside the family and relative and above all they know the knack of getting the things done through their non-sense act which every parent enjoy and cherish.
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    Yes, today's babies are very much smarter than yesterday's. Very much care is being taken by everyone nowadays to get a healthier baby. With so much awareness, parents are taking care right from confirmation of pregnancy. Nutritious food, healthy drugs, etc are being used to get an intelligent, healthy baby. These are all one of the reasons to smarter.

    As we read in mythological stories, Master Abhimanyu, S/o Arjuna learnt about the strategies to be followed for PADMAVYUHA when he was inside of his mother by listening the story. Likewise proper nurturing would result the babies more smarter. With the high standard awareness of the parents and drastic change in the lifestyle because of advanced technology, today's baby is definitely smarter than yesterday's.

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    Yes I agree today's babies are very smart. Even as they are born we can make out their smartness in a different level. Yes it's because of the advance technology we can say that they are smart. One more reason I had heard why babies are smart is because of the frequent scanning of mother during pregnancy.

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    Very right. Todays babies are much more smarter. Actually the mind of a baby is like a blank slate and it takes and absorbs whatever we write in it. He learns lot of things from his surroundings and from the people around him,
    Today babies are surrounded by so many gadgets which are being operated by so many people around him that he takes these things granted. We have seen small children seeing cartoons or playing game in tablets or smsrt phone. This is unbelievable from our times standards.

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    yes, now babies are becoming so smart that they don't need anyone to explain them what is wrong or right, it is very much socking for the older generation people to digest that in a very small age they are smarter than us. I think it is because of growing of education which is widely been spread all over the country and the new technology which is been introduced in studies to help the children to encourage them in studies more and more,
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    Yes today children are getting much smarter due to advent of new technology and ease of working on them.
    Even a little child have access to every information and detail he want to know on just one click. And advancement of technology is making every upcoming generation one step ahead of their older generation.

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    I consider this as a hackneyed and stereotyped expression by parents.

    It was always like this between two generations. Parents and grandparents of any generation considered and boasted that their children/grandchildren are smarter than themselves.
    It has to be so. That just conforms to the 'theory of accumulated knowledge'. New generation gets till then accumulated knowledge which the earlier generations worked hard to make.
    Who invented electric motor? Any new baby? Who invented the IC? Any new baby? It is just that each generation improves upon the earlier generation's inventions and discoveries.

    It is imperative that the new generations have to find new solutions because they have or they cause new problems which were not there earlier.
    I am not one who would boast and find glee in saying 'my grandchild is very smart', or, ' todays children are smarter than we were'. That is mere self gloating.

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    Last week, my younger brother took his 7 years old daughter while going for shopping. Baby asked something from the shop and as my brother was not in mood shouted at her and drag her without buying the article she asked. On the returning way he stopped near a park and bought some soup and chat items for her and gave to her. The baby asked my brother politely,"daddy, are you good or bad?," He with confusion asked her why. Baby replied,,"When I asked something you refused but now on your own you bought something for me," so, we cannot judge the children nowadays as they are very smart and very much noted everything.

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    I agree with Mr.Venkatesan that generation new is smarter than generation old. The smartness vary with in the generation also from baby to baby. When I was doing my tenth class the only way to know my results is news paper. In those days newspapers were coming very late. At that time in our village we were getting only one newspaper. On the day of results all are gathering there to know the results That means you have to spend a day anxiously to know your result. The present the student is getting his result on his phone. No anxiety, no running. This atmosphere will give them more happiness and a happy mind is always a better mind. As mentioned by others the present day parents are spending their time with their only daughter or son whereas earlier time they have to spend their time with more children. Because of present day environment pregnant ladies are taking care from the day one to the delivery date which is giving chances for a better health of the baby. Above all this the technology is so advanced that children can learn everything by observing or hearing. Now a days how a kid uses a smartphone for his time pass is really astonishing. Sometimes elders has to learn from them.
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