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    Why is playing cards not treated good

    In India when people see someone playing cards even for fun, they are treated as bad. Most of the Indians feel that card game is very bad and one should not even touch the cards. There are people who play cards for money. I agree that is bad. But at the same time, there are people who play cards for fun and timepass and are also not addicted to it.
    But in general whether you play it for fun or for money, both are treated as bad and elders don't allow cards inside their house also.
    Why is it so bad?
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    I am not sure how true your statement would be. I say so because I know that elders in the family used to play different card games in the earlier days much before the advent of entertainment mediums like the television. Playing cards for money was, I think, never considered good but then again during festivals like Diwali, Holi etc, members of the family and close friends used to get together and have a game of Flash, Rummy, Fifty-six, Twenty-eight etc after fixing nominal cash rewards. Children may be discouraged from playing cards in many houses but then there used to be games like 'Patience' etc which children could play even when they were alone. So, playing cards with the aim of gambling may not be treated as good but then playing just as a time pass is, I feel, never considered bad. But as the saying goes, anything in excess may never be acceptable!
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    In my family we were never allowed to even touch cards. It seems ridiculous that even during Graduation and Post Graduation, I didn't even know the names of four types of cards. As a result of this taboo in my family, I could not solve even the easiest questions of probability involving cards.
    Much later, I was forced to learn playing cards (twentynine, flash, rummy, etc.) while working in Railway.

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    Playing a cards is not actually bad game, it is based on how we play this game. some persons play the game for money which is called gambling or jua in india which is bad thing. not only the game is bad who is playing with cards will also bad.if we play everyday only because of money which are getting any hard work. the guy who play the game his mind set is only thinking about when we play the game. my uncle love to spent a time in playing a cards, he's spent everything sometimes wins and sometimes loose. just play the game for entertaintment,for enjoy , for spent time not for money.

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    Actually, the people are not against the playing of cards they are against the way the people play it, as we all know that if we start playing even without the money we will get addicted towards it and we will start playing it for money, it is also like betting, so it is meant as bad habit in our society.
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    Playing cards was always associated with a sort of gambling. It was mostly played in 'clubs'. It was not a game played at homes. We had any number of movies which showed rich and noble persons falling victims to card playing habits and frittering away their wealth and worth.
    Thus it is ingrained in our mind that playing cards is a vice.

    The other major vices - drinking , smoking and loose sex life- all have a limit, fatigue point due to physical exertion or tolerance. At some point it taxes on the person that he starts slowly withdrawing. However one will go on playing cards as far as he can hold the cards somehow. That is why it is more feared.

    Playing cards just for time=pass during travel or some home gathering is of recent usage only. But even that is not very common. Playing cards is always with some bet or stake. Many times dispute and quarrels develop among players. The clubs where playing card is conducted, generally may have the facility for drinking also and this adds to the harm potential of playing cards. Many families have got ruined due to the habit of playing cards.

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    People in India sees playing cards joined with thr stigma of betting, gambling and all the negetive things related to a betting.
    Thus most of the people especially elders sees playing cards negetively because they do not want theit children and closed once to be get indulged in activities like betting and its addiction.
    Especially when their is a whole story about how bad gambling can be which is aboult King Yudhister loosing his kingdom and all respect in Mahabharata.
    And playing cards are always seen associated with gambling and no one wants such a wrong thing in their neighbourhood or among their closed once.

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    It is not about playing cards elder scare , it is about curiosity to learn cards gambling games and get addicted of it. Eventually human tendency becomes to get motivate to try his luck in cards gambling since he/she knew cards. So everyone elder in family keeps younger ones away from cards. It is true that it's addiction if you don't divert your attention. Since Hindu Mythology there are instances where it said that gambling , cheating can harm you and your family , elder tend to keep youngers away from these things.
    I feel after certain age and with proper upbringing children can play cards. Even if they don't eventually some or other way they tend to learn it .

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    In India playing cards are treated not only bad but also illegal as per the law. While you play the card for the fun for a while and there is no restriction without the glare of the law, but when ever card is played in the eyes of law it is punishable offense. Normally a card playing group start with a fun game, later they slowly engage on gambling with money and ultimately end up loosing everything. Many families have destroyed due to card gambling and that is not considered good for our society. That is why even today police would arrest any body playing cards and this rules strictly followed in Tirumala hills. Normally the devotees who are having the compulsions to stay overnight at the hills either before darshan or after darshan, they may think of playing cards and the police would surely arrest them.
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    Playing cards is not bad. Card playing is said to be a gambling. Hence people dont prefer to play the game. Playing cards may be interesting, but to play the cards with money will be much interesting. When money is involved, people become crazy of winning the games, and get addicted to take back the lost money. It is a mind game to think and watch carefully before lifting and dropping the cards. Only the rich and poor prefer to play the cards. The middile class keeps the cards away. The rich treats as time pass to spend their money, while the poor treats it as a money making game.
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    Mr. Mohan: Playing cards may not be considered good, but it is not illegal in India. However, Government employees are generally discouraged to play cards even during lunch-break.
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    Different card games encourage gambling.Many people lost their wealth through card games.It was associated with emperors also.Many emperors lost their empires in gambling. Pandavas lost their kingdom in gambling.People have fear that ,who play card games use to involve in gambling.
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    Partha who said it is not illegal. In Hyderabad the police would stoop to the gang playing cards and arrest them instantly even they are playing for fun. So many card dens and clubs have been closed as soon as TRS government has taken over here.
    K Mohan
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    As author said, playing cards is treated as bad habit in our culture as it may create, enthuse and travel towards unethical issues in one's life. It leads to gambling, and as a result of gambling on may lose his entire wealth and becomes cheater, cruel, what not. With a foresight of all these things, our elders used to stop us from even to touch them.

    As Mr. Mohan said, it is very much illegal in most of the states and against to the law. I have seen exception in Delhi where even the central govt. employees play cards on the parks and open places attached to the offices during the lunch and extended hours. But once when I was travelling in a Tirupati bound train, RPF people tortured us for sometime for playing cards just for fun only.

    So these are all the reasons to say it is a bad habit and in our traditional houses it has no place to stay.

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