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There are stars and then there are super stars. For their outstanding performance, their hard work & dedication, three members are being honoured with the most prestigious award of ISC. Know who they are right here and cheer for them!
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    2016 Star of the Year Award Winners

    ISC has announced the list of the Super Stars of year 2016. Check out the torchbearers of ISC.

    Each year, reputed national & international magazines display on their cover the people whom they consider as 'Person of the Year'. Here, too, at, we give the highest honour to the members of the year with the title of 'Star of the Year' and a cash award of Rs.1000/-.

    Each & every member has, in his or her own way, made invaluable contributions to the development of the site. However, there are some who, one would say, have done so in such an extraordinary manner that they deserve the honour to be on the cover page of ISC.

    ISC Star of the Year Winners 2016

    So lay down the red carpet and give a standing ovation to the ISC Stars of 2016!

    Juana the author: Reminding you all of the 93 articles submitted for one triple rewards' program which left everyone else exhausted! Of course, this proficient writer has not just penned scintillating articles at a furious pace. We have read, as well, her informative feedback in responses to articles penned by others. Then there are her ever-sparkling animated forum discussions which stimulated the mind in such a manner that these stood a notch above the rest. Many of us have gained, too, by her wonderful advice in the Ask Expert section. A super bright star of ISC indeed!

    K. Mohan is the most well-known face at ISC. Right from the word get-go as a member, he has been a lively presence in our forum. New members invariably know him first before all other ISCians! A few of his threads may be considered as dull by some, but, let's be honest guys, has there been a day when you did not check if he posted a thread? Many of his threads have delighted us with their perspective of the mundane things of life - who'll ever forget the mat-eating cow?! – not to mention some creative threads like the mammoth feast where all ISCians contributed and set our mouths drooling!

    Pramod may not be visible in the forum, but, until a couple of months ago when professional commitments obliged him to step away, his name has always featured in our right side pane. He is the one who is the undisputed contributor of the jobs section and this was the case in 2016 as well with additional useful school posts to link them up with. As other members who contribute in the jobs section well know, it takes a good amount of time to fill in all those little & big boxes for each and every job! Many an unemployed person will have surely benefited from his postings here, so why not honor him for his untiring zeal?!

    Congratulations to the three for their achievements - we're proud of you!

    We hope these three star members inspire other ISCians to take that little extra step which will bring out not just their best, but their extra best.
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    My heartiest congratulations to Juana, K. Mohan and R. Pramod, they really deserved to be honoured because they really served the site day and night, I salute them for their hard work.
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    Wow... Hearty Congratulations to the Winners of the Stars of the year 2016 - Ms.Juana, Mr. Mohan and Mr. Pramod. What a wonderful achievement by the Winners. They stand on the cover page of the ISC. A proud moment to the winners. Stars have been declared for three categories, is appreciable and all three are deserved for their contributions in ISC.

    As rightly said by Vandana mam, no single day is passed and no single thread is left unattended without the contributions of Mr.Mohan. Congratulations Sir.

    And about Ms. Juana, whether it be a forum or an article section, one can have vast knowledge both on the subject of the thread and the English language. Mainly the verbatim she uses, is lovable to read and I believe most of the members must agree that we often need a dictionary to understand in its true meaning. Keep update us madam. Congratulations once again.

    And regarding Mr. Pramod, though I have not come across much of his contributions since my entry is very new, I could see him at job section. Congratulations to you sir.

    And finally a very good encouragement by the management by declaring one after the another awards to the ISCians.

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    Hearty congratulations to Juana, K. Mohan and R. Pramod for winning the Star of the Year awards for the year 2016! It is no doubt the most prestigious award instituted by ISC and you all have made it through consistent and dedicated efforts. Hope the awards will inspire others to 'take that little extra step' as suggested by ME.

    The cash prizes and points has been credited to the winners.

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Congratulations to three real Superstars of ISC, Ms. Juana, Mr. Mohan and Mr. Pramod for their great performance and for winning the most prestigious awards of ISC. Indeed these three Members are the most deserving candidates for this most pretigious award.
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    Hearty congratulations to Juana, K. Mohan and R. Pramod. Your outstanding contributions have very well awarded by ISC. Keep it up so that we all can benefit and enjoy your posts.
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    Congratulations Juana, K. Mohan and R. Pramod for winning the yearly award winners. You truly deserve the awards. As Saji stated that it is the most prestigious award of ISC. Well done all three of you. This shows your hard work, continued dedication and contributions across all sections of ISC. This type of yearly awards will also motivate other members to perform well and contribute more to the site.

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    Congratulations to Stars Juana, K. Mohan and R. Pramod for winning the prestigious award. Very proud moment for all of you.

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    My hearty congratulations to to star of the year award winners juana, K. Mohan and R.pramod.

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    Wow this is the great news when I am in great pain for having met with an accident. Thanks to ISC for recognizing my contributions and bestowing with this great award. My sincere appreciation to Juana and Pramod for also sharing this great honor from the site.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    A well deserving recognition to the trio of ISC. Keep up your spirit and set targets for yourself now as all of you are far reach from others. Great going!

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    Hearty congratulations to the star of the year 2016 award winners Ms. Juana, Mr. Mohan and Mr. Pramod. Undoubtedly all the three members are precious gems in ISC who really deserves to receive the most prestigious star of the year award.

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    Congratulations to Juana, Mohan and Pramod, for winning the Star of the year 2016.
    It is a formal recognition of their continuous and consistent contributions to ISC. Well deserved.

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    My heartiest Congratulations to Juana, K Mohan sir and Pramod, for winning the Star of the year 2016.
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    It was very happy to view that most active and most worthy members like Juana, Mohan and Pramod were chosen for the most coveted Star of the year awards. The recognition what they got through ISC indicates their good zeal and sincere efforts in promoting the standards of ISC through their great contributions. I wish them all the best once again for their future endeavors in ISC .

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    Heartiest congratulations to the trio Juana, Mohan and Pramod for winning the Stars of the Year award. Even though the services of Pramod will be missed by ISC because of his professional commitment, we can hope that Juana and Mohan will continue to surprise us with their awe inspiring performance.
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    'ISC Star of the Year 2016' – This feels like winning the Oscars or a National award. I am humbled, flattered and honoured. Thank you. This has come as such a pleasant surprise, totally unexpected.

    It is very gratifying to know that my work is acknowledged and being recognised. This appreciation of me, through this award, means a lot to me. Words cannot express how pleased I am with this honour.

    To everyone who has congratulated me, thank you for your praise and messages. I am touched.

    Congratulations K Mohan and R Pramod, well deserved.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    That's indeed an honor worth the efforts. Congratulations to the trio for keeping the site active and flourishing. Good to see ISC honoring the consistent performers with such invaluable rewards. Will look forward to more content from the trio.
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    Congratulations to Stars Juana, K. Mohan and R. Pramod for winning the prestigious award. We request from you to put few words of your journey and experience in 2016. I am new to six, would like to know how to be a good contributor.


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    My heartiest congratulations to the Star of the Year award winners.

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    My hearty congratulations and sincere thanks to all the superstars. It is members like you who are making this site a great place. I know there were debates, concerns, soaring discussions etc throughout the year but at the end, all of you are the backbones of ISC. Without you all, ISC wouldn't be the most active discussion forum in India. Not just the forums but your contribution in various sections of ISC are really appreciated.

    There were many other stars shortlisted for this award. But after careful analysis, we had to pick 3 from the list and that's why many other super contributors didn't find a suitable place in this. My hearty congratulations to all of the members who contribute in all sections of ISC.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    My heart-felt congratulations to all the Stars of 2016, Juana, K Mohan and Promod. Specially I have to mention K Mohan's name. Whenever I posted any write-up, Mr. Mohan had always inspired me by his friendly response. Even when I posted any query in the forum, Mr. Mohan was very much prompt to give me the answer. His friendly gesture is a boon to all ISCians like me.

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    Hearty Congratulations to Juana Mam, and Mr. Mohan and Mr. Pramod. Wow!! 93 articles that's a mammoth task. You are surely a mammoth contributor in ISC Juana. Same goes for Mr. Mohan and Pramod. All of you inspire in becoming better contributors.
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    Congratulations and Celebrations!! Firstly, Mohan sir can be pseudonymised as 'Bolt reply giver'. Sir, you have any notification software about ISC? Such fast replies that to very valuable ones. Juana ma'am, as per I experienced, a very honest response giving ISCian. Congo to Pramod sir too.

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    Congratulations!these are the three participants in the ISC who are worked too hard to give the information to this site and i am very proud of them and they are the superstars for contributing the information everywhere.
    Reguards -

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    Sai please note I am having nothing with me. No software, no English dictionary nor any extra kit to help me in this site for contributions. All I do is to share my personal experience on daily affairs and connect with the members post and that makes them happy and understandable. And being regular and consistent, I have the advantage of answering any post as the first responding person and that gives me the added advantage. So any one can chase and occupy my position which is easy. My sincere thanks to every member by name for registering their appreciation in this post.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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