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    Known temples and unknown facts

    we know some temples and even have visited but the facts behind the temple history may be unknown to us.
    1.In the shankaaranyEswarar Temple of Thalachchangaadu village of Nagapattinam or Nagai District of Tamilnadu, the Main deity Eshwar gives Darshan with his three feet of height and that too in the form of Shank (conch). It is told that Lord Mahavishnu obtained Sacred Conch by worshiping Lord shiva here. The temple is constructed so as in the form of a conch. In the temple there are many plants of Shankkapushpa.

    2.The Main Deity of Sri Meenakshi Amman Temple, Goddess Meenakshi is made of total Emerold and Lord Sundareswara is inside the shrine of Goddess Meenakshi in the form of ShivLinga on the Left side to Her.

    3.In the temple of Meenakshi, Madurai the first visit to be made only to the Goddess and then only Lord Shiva as the Madurai is famous for women freedom.

    4.Once the King Thirumalai Naicker suffered from severe stomach pain and on firm pray to Goddess Meenakshi for cure he got cured. To the token of his gratitude he construct a big tank inside the temple and while digging for the same he got a huge Ganesha Idol and he installed the idol inside the temple between the shrine of Meenakshi and Somasundareswara. This Ganesh is offered with only one big modhaka (Kozhukkattai) made of eighteen measures of rice on the day of Ganesh Chathurthi every year and so this Ganesh is called as MukkuruNi vinayaka.

    5. Every where we can see the Idol of Lord Nataraja by lifting His left leg and firming the right leg. But the contrary in the shrine of Lord Somasundareswara of Meenakshi Amman Temple,Madurai we can see the Lord Nataraja lifting right leg and firming left leg.The King Rajasekara Pandian, who was a scholar of dancing told Lord Nataraja that the difficulty in dancing, I know, why donot you change you leg for relaxation. On his request Lord Nataraja changed his position and we can see this even today.
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    The author gave rare and actual facts of some of the unknown things in various temples of South India and that made interesting and great reading. This write up may be converted in to article for the best knowledge of citizens across the country.
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    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I'd like to know more about North Indian temples too. Share their matters as well.
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