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    Does mobile ringtone express a person’s personality?

    In the olden days, our ears got used to the "ring…ring.." tone of the telephone. But after the arrival of the mobile phones, each one of us is having new tones, theme music or songs as ringtones in our mobile phone. Some people set separate ringtones for family, friends, colleagues and relatives. Every mobile phone has default ringtones but not everyone use that default ringtone. When we go to any crowded areas or any public places, we happen to hear lot of new ringtones ringing. Some ringtones will give an awesome feel and some ringtones will annoy us.

    In general, some people will usually forget to set their mobile phones in silent or vibrate mode when they are inside religious places, meetings, hospitals, etc. If a mobile phone rings at such places with an irritating ringtone in a high volume, then obviously our mind will set a negative impression about that person. At the same places, if we happen to hear any pleasing ringtone, then our mind will react differently.

    Does mobile ringtone really express a person's personality or is our mind predicting a person's character based on the ringtones which attract us? What kind of ringtone should a person use?

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    No. The ring tone does not reflect the personality of an individual holding the mobile phone. It is only the liking of the music or the tone. Old people might like a devotional song. Youngsters might like their favorite melody or romantic song. Someone may not set any music or song but be with the tone set by the company. What is awesome for one may be irritating to others. So, we cannot say that the mobile ring tone reflects the personality of the individual.
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    Yeah, Because the ring tone which has been set by an individual says what his/her choice is, I think the people who sets old songs as his or her ring tone is little bit old generations thinker than the people who set new or dj type songs as his or her ring tone. In this way we can judge how his or her nature of thinking is,
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    No, we cannot judge personality of any individual by hearing the mobile ringtone. we set the ringtone what we like to hear in our mobile as a ringtone. if any rajasthani dance related songs are set as a ringtone than we judge the personality of his/her.

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    Let us suppose today morning I have selected a 'bindaas' song as ringtone of my mobile. According to the author, this ringtone depicts my personality. So, I am a 'bindaas' (happy-go-lucky) personality today morning. If I chose a sad song of Kishor Kumar as my ring-tone tomorrow evening, according to the author this would reflect my pensive mind-set, isnt it? So, my personality changes within one day! This is according to the supposition of the author.

    In actuality, our mode varies. If mobile ring-tone is changed frequently (which the youngsters do nowadays), this reflects change of mood. This does not depict the person's personality.

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    To certain extent we have to agree that ring tones do reflect the taste and personality of the Individual to who we are making calls. One of my friend is having the ring tone on Maa baap ki dua and true to the ring tone he always preaches others to respect the elders especially the parents. But some people have the habit of changing the ring tones at the drop of the hat as if they are habituated to change dresses now and then. Nevertheless, as long as there are demands for ring tones and people who are just mad after it, there is no dearth of the market for the same and the phone companies are reaping money on that.
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    In olden days the Telephone has only one type of ring....ring.. Later some more models have come in the landline itself with different mode of ringtones. Now it is mobile era. Many mobile users are having their mobile ringtones according to their interest. I used have one cine song of middle year as ringtone since last six years, Last year, my sister came here to her hospitalised aged father with severe illness and on his death, she asked me to change the tone as it irritated her much. so, not only ringtones but cine song or anything is liked by one in one time and the same is not liked or hated by him at another stage. A cine song which liked by us verymuch is not liked by us when we sit in the hospital to see a patient or in the death house. everything is based on the mentality and the situation. a super violin music was set as a message ringtone of a friend of mine and the same was commented by other friends as he is irritating with his ringtone.

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    As author said, some people do irritate us with their ringtones particularly in a silence prone areas like hospitals, religious places, libraries, etc. But some people for example: villagers / illiterates comes to such places and they may neither in a position to keep their phone in silent mode nor to change/lessen the volume of the ringtone. At that moment we feel irritation and feel pity about their position.

    But for educated it depicts their personality to some extent. A well-educated person should maintain the etiquette of usage of mobile phone and its ringtones else their personality would be something else.

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    The mobile ring tones really express a person's personality.The songs and music are set according to likes and dislikes.If someone sets bhajans, it shows his/her beliefs in God.If someone set regional songs,it shows his cheap liking.Some people don't care ,they set the song ,which are n't liked by others.The selection of ring tone song or mu shows the liking.
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    To some extent mobile ringtone does expresses about the personality of the owner of the phone having that tone, but not speculation can be build up just on the basis of a ringtone.
    But a good observer can find many correct details and speculation just from that ringtone, It depends upon the spectator also how much correctly he understood personality trait from slight indications.
    Often youngster listen to loud music which somewhere connects to their life so its easy to get a idea about a person from younger generation from a ringtone, but it in case of elders it is a bit difficult.

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    Members should note that the topic of this thread is not about etiquette of mobile usage, about lowering the tone or putting the phone on silent mode in certain places (though it is mentioned in context, it is not the focus of the topic.) We are discussing only about whether the type of ringtone (not its volume) selected reflects the personality of the person.
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    Would you bother to explain this statement of yours in response #591593: "If someone set regional songs,it shows his cheap liking." What exactly do you mean by "cheap". That word has far-reaching connotations and in the context you have put it, seemingly, something which is not good has been implied. I see nothing wrong in anybody putting a regional song as a ringtone.

    Everybody has their own likes and dislikes, just as it is the case with generally anything at all. Who are we to judge a person's personality based on a mere ringtone? And why should we judge at all in the first place? I find it ridiculous.

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    I say there is nothing to do with one's personality with the type of ringtones he set. A person sets ringtone based on his likes and dislikes. Some set ring ring itself while others chose ringtones available on phone. Some use devotional songs and others might set movie song as a ringtone. We can't judge his personality based on that. A person might set a movie song that he likes as a ringtone but he might be very devotional at the same time. Just because of the movie ringtone we cannot say he is not devotional. Similarly a person setting devotional song as ringtone but not be really very devotional. He might do that just for that show off which I have actually seen. Setting ringtone is just based on person's mindset and thinking at that point of that time. We cannot start judging his personality with the ringtone alone.

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    Ms. Indu Singh: I earlier had a Bengali Bhatiali song (folk song of boat-men of Bengal) as my ringtone. Was my mentality cheap? Now, I have a Sufi song as my ringtone. Does it mean my personality has improved?
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    Based on the recorded responses of other members, I got a clear point that mobile ringtones does not clearly reflects a person's personality and it is our mind which has a bad habit of predicting and judging others based on their ringtones. Not all the persons who have devotional songs as ringtones have more belief on God and not all the persons who have rock songs as ringtones are the ones who follow western culture. People set ringtones based upon their likes but many people on hearing a mobile ringtone of a person wrongly calculates a person's nature by comparing them with their ringtones. That too if a person has any movie songs as ringtones, some people will just connect that particular person with the lyrics mentioned in the ringtone. Sometimes blind prediction about a person's personality with his/her ringtone might go correct but not all the time our prediction or judgement about others might be true. So it is always better not to predict a person's personality just like that on hearing their ringtones.

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    Duly correcting my out of focus of the thread as suggested by the Vandana Mam, I submit that Ms.Soundharya has come to a conclusion that one cannot judge a book by its cover. Similarly I do agree that we cannot judge the personality of a person by a ringtone set to his/her mobile phone. Ringtone of a mobile phone may varies but personality of a person is permanent.

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    See, you are what you like! Hence, your choices reflect your lifestyle. So definitely your ringtone can reveal your lifestyle. But personality, I don't think so. I prefer themes as my ringtones rather than the regular ringtones that comes with the phone.
    That might tell you I like exploring. I have a mild piano piece accompanied by a melodica music as my ringtone, doesn't that tell you I like being polite and I'm quirky at times too?
    So for a certain amount, indeed your choices can reveal about yourself.

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    This has really become a very interesting thread now as so many convincing statements are in the fray by our esteemed ISCians.

    Today there are variety of ring tones available and a person chooses as per his liking. Now it is difficult to correlate this with his personality. Only thing one can deduce is someone's liking.

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    A humble query to our esteemed member Partha Sir....
    Is change of mood of a person not a part of her/ his personality?
    I also think Sun has advocated in favour of the statement but not agreed to it.
    I, in a way, agree to the statement partially, if not fully. Whatever or however a person thinks or behaves constitutes a part of her/ his personality. So the ringtone is also indicative, in whatever measure it may be, of a person's personality. However, Partha Sir has very rightly said that it (more precisely) pertains to mood rather than personality.

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    To be frank, I have often felt that the ringtones set by a person in his mobile does reflect his personality to some extent. It is not the question of judging a person by the ringtone but I have observed that ringtones, if assessed properly, can give away the basic nature of a person.

    While I agree with most of the responses above in that we cannot judge a person by the ringtones, I am of the opinion that we can very well make out his nature. It is neither the question of whether a person has a devotional song or a fast number or a melody or a film song or a ghazal etc as his ringtone nor is it whether the volume is high or low that matters. It is also true that we might change the tone as per our mood. But if you observe closely, the underlying pitch and rhythm and the likes in the ringtone of a particular person will remain almost the same.

    So, I do feel that ringtones do reflect the personality of a person to some extent, if not fully. This is purely my observation and I have found it to be correct most of the time. Exceptions, as in any case, is applicable here also.

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    Mr. Rajesh Chandra Pandey: Mood of a person changes because of external factors. It is temporary and can change quickly. When my father was in hospital, my mood used to get changed according to my discussion with the attending physicians. If they said the condition was not good, I felt bad and depressed. When they used to say good things, my mood improved. This happened on the same day. On the other hand, personality of a person is more stable. It does not change frequently.
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    Ms Vandana,
    I have heard vulgar bhojpuri song as a ring tone.I wanted to say this type of liking is a cheap liking.Your suggestion are appreciable.

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